Devastation 2010 featuring TvCV:UAS Tournament

Is today and probably on Sunday as well. Look out for us on the stream. I will be doing commentary.

Other tournaments will be shown on stream as well.

Sweet, thanks for the link. Probs will be watching this.

edit: that blazblue tourney was pretty sweet.

Thanks for the shout out yesterday.

Who won? I slept through/was at parties for all of the TvC matches. :stuck_out_tongue:

Check saved vids of the streamed matches (among other games) here:

What was the deal with that Lightan wiimote player? :slight_smile:

That dude was godlike lol he made it semis with Pad Lightan God only knows how.

He certainly was godlike, I wish I saw his earlier matches. I mean, after getting perfected in the first match, he still stuck with Lightan. That’s loyalty.

Devastation was really fun. Good to meet RoyalFlush, K-Beast and all the other TvC players. I look forward to playing you guys again. I know I learned a lot and hope Colorado put up some fight for you guys.

Hey I just wanted to say thanks royal for stepping in to help with commentary at this thing, it was about 100x better than when you weren’t there last year, also congrats on the 2nd place finish, you were real close.

Just keep working at your combos Pixel and you will get it, It was fun playing new people.

Thank you, yourmother. I will do better at EVO this year! We must defeat Marn… I don’t care who does it, but extra praise to the one who does! Maybe we should put a bounty on his defeat…

My brothers K.Beast and Tronzilla666 know what’s up. Good games to many of the new faces. Good games to Pixel, KrsJin, Shakugan, StriderChipp, and others I played that weekend.

I look forward to playing even more people at EVO!!! has the final day streams.

Did I mention I was the [media=youtube]oZ1TNdLCLbA[/media]

I don’t think Marn’s gonna contest that title. But seriously, good luck to RF and everyone attending EVO.

Yeah that tournament was fun.