Devastation Money Match thread

whoever wants to mm me or make mms with other peeps this is the thread to do it in

Ill MM anybody Pad vs. Pad F5 for $20…

Anybody down…

I might be down, does it matter what kind of pad we use?

DC pad

Can we post any MMs in here?

I’m up for any and all Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix money matches! Maybe Geometry Wars as well.

I am so down for Super Puzzle Fighters MM

Name your price. Must be X’ mode.

yea…change the name of the thread :slight_smile:

anyone down for some A3 MM?

I’ll throw down $20 on Puzzle fighter.

danny, you know im always down on a3 mm. we can always make it interesting as well =) speaking of which, dont you still ow me $5 from the last one at horacio’s? =)

is it ok if i use a ps2 pad? and anybody want to mm ft3 for $10 or ft5 for $20?

Were you going to use the 1-button dash??


i do…

It’s on like Donkey Kong yo!

First to 5 or what?


Sounds good to me.

Do you prefer the PS3 or 360 version?


Don?t forget about our match, and that avatar is sick.

Thanks, and what was our mm again?:sweat:

I cant wait for this anyone want to mm me as well in mvc2?