Developing footsies?


I’ve been playing for a while, but I just wanted to get some different perspectives on practicing spacing and footsies, I’m sure there’s a formula to it, just wanted to get some thoughts on the subjet matter. I’m a Juri player btw


Well. You study the range and speed and hit level of your moves and the situations they lead to.

The moves with the most range/speed that lead to the most advantageous position with the smallest risk are what you’re looking for. These determine the amount of space you can safely occupy.

Then you study the range and speed and hit level moves of whatever character your learning to fight against. You look at their best moves and you determine who gets to occupy more space for minimal risk.

Once you have a general idea of the opposing characters range, and where they’re likely to throw something out. You can start looking for ways to counter it on read (or sometimes reaction, although generally people confuse reacting to stuff with looking for it, which is different)

Then you put it all together and you turn yourself about.

That’s what it’s all about.


Very informative, thank you!


If you can accept losing for quite some
time the best way to improve footsies, imo, is to stop jumping forward, throwing fireballs, focusing, or doing any random dps or in your case pinwheels. It will suck, and be incredibly frustrating, but your footsies will develop at an accelerated rate. For the reaction element of footsies I go to training mode and set ryu to do random cmks and I try to sweep them on reaction with balrog. It isnt easy but the combination of raw reaction training with the spacing and poke placement the above style restricts you to can be very monumental in shaping a deft footsy game.


BTw standing HK with Juri is incredible, practice hitting with it the tip of the foot, it has incredible range and she land far away from the opponent. Far standing HP not only works as an anti air vs some attacks, but can tag someone trying to jump away. If you have a mk fireball stored you can combo far lk into fireball release easy from the tip of the attack. In the corner close mp has no pushback so if you have 2 fireballs stored (lk&mk) you can combo jumping release-cr.hp-EX.pinwheel (411 damage)

#6 If you haven’t already seen this already, Juicebox has been helping a lot of people with Street Fighter, and KOF. This is a good explanation of it.


probably the most succinct explanation of footsies I’ve ever seen


I don’t usually hold more than one fireball at a time, but stand HK is so derp, I totally agree xD


thanks for posting that link ! it really helped me understand footsies better


get a friend, and have a match where its normals only. that will build the intuition and experience pretty quick.


To me, footsies are simply a collection of various elements that you use to mixup your game, not just neutral whiff punishing alone. For example, these element include crouch tech baiting (cr.LK x2 > walk back > opponent whiffs cr.LK > walk forward and grab), tick throws, standing instead of crouching to minimize your hurtbox, frame trapping, and more. These small elements can be picked up by watching your own replays, analyzing what you did right or wrong, and replays from other players. Every time I see something new, I record it in my footsies .txt file for later reference


That’s a really good way to develop new tech, I’m going to start doing the same!


I’m still running new tech into my game and I must say the information has done me well, I get gimmicked out a lot less because I’m not just throwing random hits and now actually spacing and winning a lot more too! I check all my replays good and bad, then analyze my matches to see what could be done in that particular situation. Then I run a simulation in training mode to see how it works out, and it’s been working out so far, and it’s helped me learn a lot more. Thank you guys for your insight!