Developing the CvS2 Wiki

We need to start taking the information from the individual character threads and working it into the Wiki. So far we’ve got like three perfectly good single-character threads with lots of info.


Once we start filtering this stuff into the Wiki, we can expand onto other characters. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and make 8726983 of these threads if nobody is willing to contribute to the Wiki. At the end of the day, the goal is to make CvS2 more accessible to people who want to start playing it.

where can i go to srk wiki?

It’s on the home page, but I just linked straight to the CvS2 section.

Ok, come on guys, let’s get the ball rolling.

In one week, if this thread is still dead, everyone who doesn’t post in it is gonna get banned. You don’t think i could do it? I know people. I say do it, bam it’s done.


I’ll try and work on Rugal and Athena if I can dig up some time.

Okay, cross out doing Rugal, it’s been done, I’ll work on Athena.

Doing stuff at dustloop first.
Might help out here after.

How bout some Bison info to :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice wiki info on alot of the characters… One thing I was hoping to see on the Akuma section was how to do the running Demon though… Other than that really useful stuff!