Deviantart Thread

Anybody that uses DevArt should post their link up here… create a small SRK DevArt Community

Is that window blinds or Style xp on your desktop?.. I want that XD

Also is that the corporate version of Mcafee you running?

Nice work btw :wgrin:


some of the desktops i’m running litestep instead of the standard explorer shell, but i odn’t like it’s non compatibility with iconphile, although it’s free

yes, i’m running the corporate version of mcafee :)… haha… i get stuff free from my job (tech support for my school)… so i get all kinds of stuff for free, including the full microsoft office 2003 suite, with everything… photoshop… macromedia studio MX… and a bunch of sound recording software :slight_smile:


LOL I’m with tech support for my school too

(Hofstra XD) We use the same Mcafee software at Resnet :rofl:

i SWEAR, some of the shit on deviantart sucks balls. (it’s in art photography?)

that was all submitted relatively close together, as you can see by the times… the last two and the third and fourth were submitted right next to each other… just wow…

nice gallery. i added u

it just me

or does his models look underage?

now this is a excellent thread, M1x. you have my blessings.

M1x4h Do you ever drop by ctf to game sometimes. Just noticed you were from NY. Keep up the cool avs and designs.

Kando what are you doing raiding the imm section.

Black/Latin girls, b. And the asians babes on the side, you didn’t know, haha.

yes i do…

that’s what i looks like… u can find me at the marvel cabinet on the occassion, and the 3S cabinet in the day playing with the 10280584920 chinese kids playing ken… i’m the only one to touch makoto or akuma…