Deviant's Lair : MvC2, Trolling, Burritos, and Big Ass Headphones


Let me first start off by saying that this spot delivers.

MvC2 sets (two out of threes, ft10’s) can’t get any better.

Stomping grounds of HTC and home of the biggest headphones known to man. Let’s keep these games going. K1-Prime, Deviant, Dexterous, B. Laser, bjuan, Magnetro, and many more have mashed in this venue. Let the good times continue to roll.

GG to Deviant and Dexterous. That ft10 between you two should’ve been recorded.


Good shit Hernana


dev1ant sucks

I can’t believe I didn’t even know this thread existed until tonight. Gay.

Audio Technica M50 / Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO / Sony MDR 7506 headphones ALL DAY.

Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are TRASH. I can’t believe I used to own them.


You guys are gay.

Damn, that round robin was brutal. Terrrrrrrible.


We need to get another session going after Miami stomps on Dallas. How many tacos can I buy with my boy Deviants money?!?

Dirk can’t handle LBJ and D Whizzle


I own you at every game.


I quit games but I still own your Luigi for free


You didn’t quit shit. You’re just hiding behind excuses so you don’t have to get owned by me. No one owns my Luigi. Combos for days!!!


Wow this new SRK layout is the worst one yet. SRK has gone way too commercial with this Twitter 2.0 wannabe boshirt. If you’re reading this Mr. Imperial Wizzard or whatever your name is, you’re gay. Seriously.

Anyways, yeah we can get something setup again. You’re not gonna win snuff Wes. Dirk is hungry this year and LeQueen will never win a title, because I hate him.

EDIT: Lenin likes men




??? sounds like fun