Device to record ps3 w/o using PC

like the title indicates, I’m looking for a device like a dvd recorder/pvr that will allow me to play my ps3, and record the output without the need to hook it up to my pc. I don’t care if the recording itself is in HD or downscaled to SD, but I want to retain the HD output to my TV while I’m playing.

From what I’ve read, there aren’t any dvd players with hdmi input, and the only pvr I’ve seen that looks like it fits with what I want was the geffen hd pvr which is like $1000, and I’m not really looking to spend that much, haha.

any info/links to some good products would be appreciated :slight_smile:

good ol’ vhs will do the trick.

are there vhs players that you can send an HD signal through? my tv doesn’t have video out.

I was thinking of something a little more high-tech, so that hadn’t even crossed my mind, but if there are VHS recorder that you can pass an HD signal through, that could be an option. Although I’d guess that if there’s a vcr that can do it, then there must be a dvd recorder that can too.

try this. Not the best out there because it is standalone or is it what I use so im not sure how good it is but its what your asking for. edit …oops you do need a pc.

You don’t need to spend $1,000 to get a good PVR unit.

If your HDTV has composite video out you can plug that into your PVR unit, or you can use a component amplifier and plug one component output into your TV and one into the PVR unit at 720p. The best is if your HDTV has HDMI input and component video output.

Either way, decent PVR boxes range from $100 to $300. For $1,000 and up you’ll be looking at devices used in professional recording studios which for home use are probably not necessary.

thanks for the responses, but yeah- the problem with that hauppage is that it does need to be hooked up to a pc. It does the encoding on it’s own, but it it still needs the PC for it’s software, and for the actual storage of the files. I may end up just going with a solution like this, but I was hoping to find something that had internal storage. I also don’t have monitor out on my tv, so I would need to run the hd signal from the ps3 though it.

I’m looking into some dvd recorders that also have internal hard drives, but I haven’t been able to tell yet if you can pass an HD signal through them without it getting downscaled before output.

ended up going with the hauppage hd pvr, should be here some time next week. If anyone else is also interested in this as a solution to record your games, let me know and I’ll try to get around to posting a short review once I’ve had time to use it.

When you get the chance, can you post some samle vids? I’d like to see what it looks like. I just got a Hava Titanium HD with Wifi because I don’t have the consoles and TV in the same room as my computer. The wireless streaming solves that for me, though I still need to test it for games.

Well I got to this thread late, but you could have used a number of things that don’t need a PC.

Tons of digital camcorders have input to record from an external source.

You could have also used something like this, which has an optional dvr add-on that can be found for about $30 on ebay:|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1307|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

Mine just arrived, I ordered it last week. I’m going to test this weekend to see if there is any lag. We might have to go with a distribution amplifier if there is.

Not in full HD…

It’s awesome

Ok, the jury is in. The Hauppage HD PVR is awesome. I was doing some tests with Classic Honda (wish he still had his stored super!) and this is a sample of the quality. I have it recording 720p at about 4.5MBits/s right now. As far as I can tell there’s 0 lag on the TV. Lots of lag on the computer screen, so you could not play on the computer screen.

Here is a test video.

if you use one,do you mind posting up a small video?

Damn megamanpb, that vid looks very nice. 60FPS + HD res. Too bad my house set up doesn’t work well with it.

Here are a bunch of matches that I recorded last night. They went right up on YouTube without any modification. This box is awesome.

YouTube Channel recorded with Hauppage HD PVR

wow, yeah very nice video megaman. Good to know about the lag too. I’m definitely confident in my purchase now.

BTW, your av is hilarious :lol:

Megamanpb are the system requirements for the hauppage really needed? I have a laptop with a dual core but the vid card is the intel one so I’m afraid I won’t even be able to upload the video when I purchase one.

I couldn’t tell ya because my laptop has an 8600GT with 256mb of RAM. It wouldn’t surprise me though. It takes quite a bit of memory throughput to display 720p HD video let alone encode it in real-time. You could always order it from a place with a good return policy and return it if it doesn’t work.

man. thats crispy as fuhk.

OP didn’t ask for a device that recorded in HD.

He just wanted to still be able to play in HD while recording. Both of the things I suggested fit the need.

Crap ya, I misread that at first. My bad dude!