Devil Donovan Pic (Darkstalkers Collection)


Who knew Demitri mixed with a little Donavan could look so cool

is he playable or what?

What the hell?

So, they’re adding a “new” character or some shit?

God, this series needs some refreshing! I love DS and all, but I’m tired of all these ports and collections being made.

More milk please.

SF has been done to death, time to make DS the new cow.

what the fuck, that’s a weak ass pic of demon donovon… :tdown:

capcom is getting weaker by the minute.

Special thanks to Iggy of Madman’s Cafe for the picture. Looks like he’s not entirely new, but an edited Demitri Sprite. Well, it answers the question of what’s a new character doing in a collection, he’s not exactly new…

that looks like an actual sprite edit i did for mugen about 3 years ago.

The new Darkstalkers on PSP is terrible, if they are goin to add a new character y not add a bunch. AND UPDATE those damn graphics!!! Demetri’s graphics haven’t changed since the first Darkstalkers. SVC Chaos made him look cool…wait is Devil Donavan even playable or…wat. It doesn’t look like his moves r any good but the sprite is kinda cool


It looks extremely pixelated compared to Jedah. And people complain about SNK graphics…

It looks like Demitri’s body + Donovan’s head…

Your argument (if that’s what it was, humor is lost on me most of the time) seriously fell apart here. People are hailing Darkstalkers on the PSP as the best handheld fighter ever.

Could I get a translation on this shit please. I need to know whats going on with this “Devil Donovan/Demevan/Donetri” guy.

Probably is, and no doubt it will probably play like one of the two except with one extra move.

Weak move on Capcom’s part if the character is actually playable and for lack of a better word to describe it, new. I mean milking games is one thing but if you are going to add a new ‘character’ (once again for lack of a better word)put some effort into it.

lol… I think I would’ve prefered they do what they did w/ oboro bish, where they kept him looking the SAME, just maybe w/out anita or something… I think this is a dirty april fools joke

That’s the thing, Devil Donovan is nor a new character. He was a character that was supposed to be in Vampire Savior but got cut out when the game was being made (Capcom felt it wouldn’t of made that much of an impact, IE good guys go bad all the time in fighters). There was also supposed to be an older Anita. We’ll see if she makes the cut or if she just really does turn out to be Rose…

Looks good but it would be nice to move far ahead and use hi-res sprites. But i am not the type who really cares. I am going to buy it.

The joke continues:


at least capcom is making fighters again.

sfa4 was announced and doing dalk stalkers.

hopefully cvs3 or dc vs. capcom isn’t too far behind =P