Devil Jin translation wanted please

I would like an English translation of the Japanese words that mean “Fear the wrath of God.” Obviously from Tekken 5.

I hope my request makes sense.

Long winded clarification:

I want the English version of the Japanese words that mean Fear the wrath of God. Because obviously I know that whatever DJ is saying, it means Fear the wrath of God, but I want to know just exactly what he’s saying. So I could make a signature out of it on a message board maybe, or go around saying it in real life all bad ass like, like DJ. :clap:


Fear the imminent wrath of SRK.

Sounds like:

" Kyo ro shite yarou… "

doesnt bison say that in cvs2?

I think that what you are asking for is referred to “romaji” or something. I don’t know any Japanese but I’ve heard english translations called that. I think it comes from the term ‘roman’ for English characters. Anyway LeeBee Link took care of it.

Leebee Link and vpt_whatup: Thanks for your contributions.

Now, can someone help me out with the pronunciation of “shite” and “yarou?” Or just the whole thing, that would probably be best. :tup:

Hmm I think the best way to pronounce it would be to keep picking Devil Jin and listening, LOL. But as far as I recall, it’s pronounced just like it’s spelled. “shee’te ya’roh”.

Damn I’m dumb, I forgot you could pick Devil Jin. Here I am sticking with Asuka and just playing to get to him to hear it lol.

Looks like it’s time for me to go to TZ to learn some DJ basics.

Ok, been reading TZ stuff for DJ basics for a while, but I don’t have an account, so I come to you all =D.

Can you all give me some basic juggles for Devil Jin? Also like his bread and butter juggle, the one I should go for when in doubt.

Those and like a list of his top moves would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Leebee link, you pretty much hit the nail on the head, accept the proper romanji for it is
"Koroshite yaru"

the thing is, this pretty much translates to “I’m going to kill you.” The more accuarate translation in Japan for it is: Bukkoroshite Yaru which literally means “I’m going to hit you until you die.” You could also say Korosuzo which means the same thing.

I think Namco just decided to put “Fear the wrath of god” under as the subtitle to make DJ sound cooler.

The dictionary accurate terms for Fear, Wrath and God are

Fear- kyofu, osoreru (be afraid of)

Wrath- ikari

God- Kami

I don’t seem to hear DJ say any of those unless he’s using Japanese slang.

I could be wrong, i’ve only studied proper Japanese and not so much Japanese slang (I only have one book on it.)

Anybody is free to correct me if i’m wrong, my japanese isn’t the greatest :karate:

Oh! And for some decent DJ juggles, I like to use:


WR 2–> b,f,2,1,2–>f,N,d,DF,4,4


d,34,–> f,F,3,1,4

Sorry if its difficult to read, just the way I like to write it.

Thanks Oni-Ryu. After doing a little research on what he’s saying, I did find that what he was saying most likely isn’t actually “fear the wrath of god,” but pretty much what you said he’s saying.

A bread and butter Devil Jin combo that has a safe launcher and is decent damage:

EWGF, b,f+2,1,d+2,f,f+2

Devil Jin is a typical Mishima with a few neat tricks.

That’s a lot of moves for one combo. I’m all used to like launcher, few pokes, finishing move from Asuka. How fast should the b,f+2 be done after the EWGF hits? Same thing with that f,f+2. The first combo I was trying was just, EWGF, 1,2,4,f,f+2, but I could never even get the f,f+2 to come out. =\

Thanks. I’ll see if I can get to the arcade some time soon to practice.

Hmmm… well I don’t know how well I can explain the timing in words, but here goes:

Do the EWGF (make sure it’s EWGF–WGF is not nearly as safe), wait about 1/2 a second when the opponent is slightly beginning to fall. Then input the b,f+2,1,d+2. If you are having trouble inputting that, try it like this: Press back, then forward+2, keep holding forward, press 1, then go from forward to down+2. Make sure that down and 2 are at the same time otherwise you’ll just get b,f+2,1,2. Then let go. Another delay and then a quick f,f+2. This delay has to be a bit more precise. I’ll try to space the moves out to show their sequence, LOL.


If you are still having trouble, check out the Devil Jin videos at Tekken Zaibatsu. They don’t have this exact combo, but they use a lot of the same move’s and follow-up’s.

Ok thanks, I’ll see what I can do.

Do you have any specific TZ links to any Devil Jin videos? I’ve been over there quite a bit and couldn’t find anything. Well, I found a directory to some tournament matches, but they weren’t labeled with which character was used and I don’t have the internet connection or patience to be downloading a ton of videos.

Ok, I was able to hit up the arcade yesterday. Results: Couldn’t even get his d+1 to connect. Now that I look at this thread again though, I see had the timing all messed up. sigh I’m such a damn scrub =.

So yeah, some vid links would definately help me out. I’m one of those “visual learners.” > media (requires free membership) > Gallery > Bittorrent Tracker (requires torrent software)

On topic: About your proposed Romanji of “Koroshite Yaru.” When I listen to Devil Jin say it, it sounds like there is one more syllable before the “shite” part. I just don’t know what.

Noooooo guys guys… he isn’t saying “koroshite yaru” he is saying “kyoufu wo oshiete yaru” which basically means “I’ll teach you the meaning of fear.” Namco threw in “the wrath of God” to make him sound cool.

Well, can you help out with the pronunciation? I know it’s pretty straightforward, but I’d still like to know how to say it properly. Lord knows I’d mess it up somehow if left to my devices lol.

That “w” in there doesn’t sound like it should be. Then again, maybe it’s not even pronounced.

Just reply back with some pronunciation help please.