Devil May Cry 3, Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear Solid comics in stores this week

This Wednesday in comic book shops in the US the Devil May Cry 3 Manga GN is coming out.

Also, the Kingdom Hearts Manga GN is coming out too on the same day.

The Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty Issue Zero Comic book will also be in stores this week.

Just to give yall a heads up, and maybe we can talk about these books on this thread while we wait for Street Fighter II Issue Zero to come out next month. :smile:


But wait…they said October for KH and DMC3!

I’ll get my bro to pick them up this week! Not missing these AT ALL!

Yeah, they did say October for both books. One week early. Wow! Comic books that actually ship early! :rofl:

And let that be a lesson to Image!
I greatly look forward to reading them. I’ve been waiting a good while to get them.

Hopefully DMC3 doesn’t suck. Bring on Vergil!!

Haven’t read most of the books yet, (if you know me you know I’m playing a lot of Capcom Classics Collection lol) just a little bit of Devil May Cry 3. I’m really liking it. It’s a prequel that takes place just before DMC3. Virgil is kicking all kinds of Ass! And Dante has some real kick ass one liners like -

“And if you drink up all the beer before I get back, I’ll shoot you in the gut, cram a spigot in the hole and drink it right out of your belly!”

“Your the Mad Hatter right? Well, I bet my left nut you can’t “out crazy” a bullet.”

And a bunch of other lines like that! This is the Dante that should of been in the Dreamwave comics!

Granted, I prefer the pencils in the Dreamwave comic, but the Manga has a nice visual style too.

Now for Kingdom Hearts, I just glanced at it but here’s the thing -

Both the Devil May Cry 3 Manga and Kingdom Hearts Manga are from Tokyo Pop. DMC3 is presented from right to left in typical Manga fashion. Kingdom Hearts is presented from left to right, American style. Now I was thinking to myself that Tokyo Pop figured that little kids wouldn’t get the reverse style, but as I looked through the Kingdom Hearts Manga I noticed that people did not become left handed like what happens when Manga is reversed. I’m suspecting that they actually flipped the panels individually! Of course I’ll have to take a closer look but that’s what it looks like now. The artwork is really good, Shiro Amano really nailed the Disney characters.

Haven’t even looked at MGS yet.

THE FUCK!!! I couldn’t find KH in the ToykoPop previews thingy at the comic shop, ahhh! Shit…thanks for the update, I’ll have to check back next Wednesday and see if he ordered it!

Read both books and i got to say they were worth it.

Devil may Cry manga replaced my dreamwave comics to be the most entertaining

Finished reading both books and I gotta agree that I enjoyed both. DMC was mostly gunplay but from the looks of things the sword play is about to pick up bigtime. I’m digging the KH Manga too, it’s based on the game and the art syle and lines are very clean. Heh, I bet Disney comic book fans were freaking out when Sora was approached by a prostitute in Traverse Town lol!

MGS 0 mostly describes the characters in MGS, kind of like a mini Marvel Encyclopedia book.

Wow, I need to check out the kingdom hearts book. Wonder if any stores in sweden actually carry it.

The Kingdom Hearts manga was originally published in Japan, in left-to-right.

Ah, the only time I saw it before was in a gaming magazine and an early scanlation of it, didn’t really remember.

My bro didn’t get it today. Cursed shop didn’t have it delivered!! Bah! Oh well, he picked up MGS though.

Sorry to double post.

Anyway, just read DMC3 Code 1 today and it was pretty good. I’m not too comfortable with this strange attitude to Dante who uses lots of sexual lines. Doesn’t seem Dante like to be honest. Although I admit, it was funny when he said “Well I want a smaller dick, I guess we’re both assed” was funny. And also when he said to Alice something like how she’ll chew him from the “cock”. It was funny, but not Dante like.

Vergil was just too good. Evil, but too good. I actually think, if they animated that, it’d be very, very neat!

I still haven’t got KH yet. No one had it. Hopefully some places gets in this week.