Devil May Cry 3 Manga hits America

has anyone heard of this? I know i’ll buy it though since dreamwave is gone.

Did they ever finish that miniseries? I had 1-3, but 4 never seemed to have came out?!?

nope. there were previews of #4 but the company went belly-up before sending the comics out. truly a shame :sad:

Wow, that’s pretty crazy. I guess I’ll have my comic shop owner guy take me off the list for that series then…

Sammuraiblade - do you have links to the previews of #4?

Sorry i don’t. I found them on the their website, which is gone now. If i find them again ya’ll be the first to know. :tup:

Okay, found them in Comics continuum. :clap:

Here how the site explains about this issue:

here are the links: :karate: :tup:

enjoy! :clap:

Thanks for issue 4 stuff! The art looks great, but I just know Dreamwave would of killed it with Dante’s endless word balloons and ongoing conversations with himself and Demons that can’t talk back like the book always had since they haven’t discovered word balloons, LOL! Honestly, I liked Dreamwave’s comic, just TOO wordy for the cool one liner Dante…

Anyway, I’m very glad the Devil May Cry 3 Manga seems to be a DMC side story since I’m only on like Mission 8 of DMC3 (I play lots of games at once) so I don’t have to worry about spoilers! :tup:

Megaman gets canceled, we get the Megaman Battle Network Manga. Devil May Cry gets cancelled, we get the Devil May Cry 3 Manga. Malibu’s Street Fighter comic got canceled years ago, we got Masaomi Kanzaki’s SF2 Manga. Ah, it’s a funny trend. :rofl:

Sing along!

*The DMC manga in your eyes won’t cause your death *
Feel free to buy more Capcom mangas if you don’t have enough

Ah, corny joke for my DMC3 fans. Swing them Cerberus nunchucks! :nunchuck:

Duuuuude. That was indeed very corny. Alas, I still laughed.

I can’t wait for this. Hopefully Vergil is up to scratch (pffft! Dante. Yeah right!)

Actually, I got a Dante standee today…now if only I had space to fit it in the attic’s storage compartment. No, no if only the door to the storage thing was big enough to fit the back piece inside.

Ah, told ya. :bgrin:

The DMC 3 Manga comes out in October 2005. Just in time for Halloween… That’s a long wait. Well, maybe by then I’ll be finished with the game.

What the! OCTOBER! Ah man! I’m done with the game. Done all modes except DMD (got to Mission 3 and left it. I feel so unclean after Cerberus raped me. Not literally mind you, but his pounce attack took like a complete health bar! So yeah, he “pwned” me).

I am looking forward to this though. Hopefully Vergil is in there quite a bit. He rocks!

cool art though i havent read any of the previous issues, dont you have any pics of them, by the way anybody knows where i can find, buy, download the ost of dmc1 and 3??? have them.

Make sure the spine card specifically shows the name Suleputer and its logo and that the booklet for DMC1 has the Suleputer logo AND the Capcom logo.

The DMC3 OST comes in 3 seperate covers that get held together by a seperate Moonlight designed sleeve and also comes with a booklet that is pretty much all black (including lyrics).

eBay sells lots of fake OST’s so if you try there look carefully. might have some, or you could e-mail and ask when they’ll get it in.

Still not sure if have them or not

If you check as well someone ripped the DMC3 tracks a while ago. I had those first, but then I bought the original one when it was released, so I deleted the ripped ones.