Devil May Cry 5


Let’s start a new thread since there’s a lot of bad history with the old one

It’s looking good to me. The music definitely needs a change. It doesn’t feel DMC like at all.


I like that Nero is the main character again. (Hopefully anyways) he was the only thing I liked about DMC4


Yeah I like that Nero is back, he even mentions Kyrie, so it really is a DMC4 continuation. Since he gets his devil arm cut off I imagine that will be a mid-game upgrade, but I actually think the idea of tech devil arm, and it looks like it can do some cool stuff.

NOT at all a fan of the faces or realistic visual style.


When I saw the headlines that this was announced my reaction was like “SWEET!!”

Then I watched the trailer and my reaction was “What the fuck is this bullshit!?”.


I’m kinda hoping Nero will be able to swap between different types of arms. In the trailer we saw his partner withhold an upgrade from him. It would a fun idea to toy with. I’m not a fan of his new look. It looks too much like Donte for my liking.


Yeah. I first thought it was donte In the trailer are starting laughing like “wel you wanted a new devil may cry! You got one!” But then I realized it was Nero.


Also, why does Dante look like a fucking old homeless man instead of a cool uncle?



Fucking, exactly, wtf!? God he looks SO bad.


He’s back! And he’ll suck your dick for crack!!


Well he IS old, dunno what you were expecting?


For him to not look like an ugly fuck. Like, it’s fine for him to be old, but that doesn’t mean they have to make him look ugly. Those things are not mutually exclusive.


He’s just come back from hell dudes in dire need of a shave and some soap


I think there’s some kind of blur effect that’s making Dante look worse. There’s like one frame before it cuts where his face looks clear. I’m more concerned about this:


Yea, I’m sure Cap loved the idea of the DMC universe being reimagined realistically since Ninja Theory’s tenure with the spinoff. I had a gut feeling Cap would be going this route, but DAMN! This game looks so beastly!

The game’s a direct sequel to 2 and 4, in that Dante’s riding straight back from hell since the end of 2 is chronologically the last chapter in the DMC saga, and Nero seems to be going through the loss of Kirie? Nero totally got his arm ripped off by Virgil.

What I was taken aback by the most was Itsuno’s hype for the game. He legit looked happy as fuck about the game, so to me that’s a GREAT thing!


He tells Kyrie to get down in the flashback of him losing his arm. I don’t think that’s enough to say she’s died or whatever.

Also, honestly I fucking forgot DMC2 is the last one chronologically lol


What an emotional roller coaster ride that trailer was for me. As soon as I saw the Capcom logo I nearly died, but then that flash to Nero in the van had me confused as fuck. But once he went all vroom vroom with his sword I immediately knew it was him. That haircut tho, lol.

Gameplay wise this is without a doubt DMC we know and love. Moving away from the stylized graphics 3 and 4 had will take a little bit getting used to, but I must say it looks really damn good. This a definitely a generation leap for DMC. Looking at the trailer there area few classic enemies from DMC3 in there like the hells. Nero’s DMC4 moveset is still present, didn’t notice any new Red Queen moves but Blue Rose has what appears to be a Skystar but with Blue Rose. Same dodge as DMC4. I think he has a counter now with his Devil Arm.

honestly this trailer felt like I was being trolled at first but got damn man I’m so fucking happy right now that DMC is back. Seeing itsuno walk out brought me to tears man.


Also, we might get a Dante Trailer during SONY’s conference. And Vergil fucking confirmed!

Apparently Dante still has Pandora

Nero’s Theme


I legit thought Nero was Donte for a hot minute and nearly had a stroke. lmao


There are a bunch of dumbass journalist who think Dante is Nero and Capcom gave Dante a robot arm lmao