Devil May Cry 5


I’d be happy with just DMC 1 and 4 enemies to be honest. The bugs look lame, but at least they are using the few good enemies from DMC 3 as well, which is nice.

Trying to go on a black out but I still want to see what V has in store. Be cool if we got a demo drop at the PlayStation Event this year, but I remembered MS has the marketing rights while typing this…


i wonder how many people havent figured out yet that Nico is called Nico because its short for nicotine. because she smokes.

the thing im most hyped for is V. i doubt we will ever see his gameplay anytime soon. i’ll assume he fights with his cane. hopefully its a cane sword. dear God let it be a cane sword.
maybe summon spells with his V book. that be cool.


I’m pretty sure we know he summons and does spells and stuff. They have definitely sat least said he plays nothing like Nero or Dante at all.


It’s confirmed he is a summoner.


So this will be akin playing 9S. Interesting


I doubt it. It would suck if his combat boiled down to a shump mini game every time.


I totally agree. I was moreso alluding to the differences in playstyle. I am interested in how all 3 characters are going to blend into the single player narrative/gameplay


I’m guessing he was moreso thinking of how like 9S uses his weapons like through magical telekinesis, rather than fighting with any weapon through martial arts, for example.


decided to fire up DMC4SE last night. played as Lady. then the game reminded me of something i forgot which is how terrrrrrrrrrible platforming works in DMC games. especially those grapple parts.
dear God please dont let the platforming in DMCV be as frustrating.


I’d really rather they just left any kind of remotely demanding platforming out, it really doesn’t need to be there.


another issue i have with dmc4se is that you cant complete all the secret missions with the dlc characters. lady cant do that mission that only nero can do. the mission where he holds that enemy as a shield. raise style ranking without attacking. ugh.


I’m fine with that, once a secret mission is done i pretty much never do them again. I wish Bayonetta didn’t count it’s secret missions in the end of chapter ranking.


This may have been one of the dumbest things about Bayonetta. Hopefully this isn’t a thing.

Interesting video essay on Dante’s functional design in DMC4


Bayonetta’s scoring system was also jacked up by stupid quick time deaths.


Those are super easy by the time you’re actually aiming for plats though. They’re only annoying on like the first run or so


Yea I highly disagree with that, they never interfere with my scores.


I found them annoying over and over. Doing a great run? Whoops, you forgot about some short window quicktime crap that adds nothing to the gameplay.


I never forget them, personally.


DMC 3, DMC 1, DMC 4, DMC 2 and DMC 5
im just writing this to remind me that storywise the order of events.

peeps keep saying that Vitale is actually Arkham from dmc3 only because he carries a book that looks very much like the book that Arkham carries.


oh yeah, lol on his name being Arkham while having a alter ego of a jester with a mark hamill joker sounding voice. well done capcom. well played at avoiding that copyright infringement. fei long taught you well.


With an RE:2 getting an extreme makeover, does anyone think they’ll give that treatment to any of the other DMC games?