Devil May Cry 5


Probably not no.


Aesthetically, the DMC games have looked epic at the time it was released. DMC 3 is the least good looking game but damn the controls on that one was tight imo. I think Capcom is alright with the current releases without remaking the DMC games.

The first few RE games suffered from being released on the OG PlayStation so the visuals are kinda poor.


anybody know which move in Tish’s arsenal does the most sword parry/clash? which has the most active hitbox frames i mean. cuz freakin Lady’s forward+R1 + triangle, her spin attack can clash with the final boss’es lunge attacks. dope.


No. The RE2make revamps the gameplay to something more modern. Older DMC games need nothing of the sort. HD collection is enough.


Looking forward to the game, but also noticed this strange music. I support the opinion that it should be changed. In general, I am currently waiting for three great games: Call of Cthulhu, TES 6 and DMC 5. Already bought new gaming chair Xrocker for it.


RE2make is hype.

I played RE 1, but never bothered with part 2.

This has got me motivated.


The one thing that makes part 2 the clear winner.


Jesus fucking christ what the fuck is this timeline!? Cerberus (WITH 3 FUCKING MODES), Kalina Ann 2, and a fucking hat(I think it’s a Gun slot)!?!?!?!? As much of a DMC3 fanboy I am I might have to tapout.

I’m weak right now!


Wait what?



Yo, those are both actually fuckin sick lol


shit. i wanted to go to comic con but waited too long to buy tickets so i said fuck it. next year i’ll go. didnt know the game was gonna be there. if i had known i woulda gone and game tested for you guys.
assuming the devs let randoms play.
tho now that i see the vids seems like they didnt. maybe tomorrow they will.


Nero’s demo was playable. You should have went man. if I lived in NY I wouldn’t hesitate.

Also, three weapons were confirmed today, not two.

Cerberus (DMC3)
Hat (DMC5)
Kalina Ann 2 (A new version of Lady’s Launcher made for Dante)


Yo, that 3-mode Cerberus is sick. The weapon didn’t get too much love in DMC 3 so it’s nice they brought it back ++

Damn that hat is wicked cool and the mechanic is hands down DMC lol


im completing the um, secret missions last couple days. i completed all secret missions in og dmc4 but not se.
i forgot how controller spiking frustrating that “do royal block 5x” mission is.
its the last one i need. and im ready to give up.
any help on how to hammer this one out?
i know that i gotta do the guard not too soon, better late than too soon. but i keep fucking this one up. god there are times when i hate this game.



i dont care what old enemies they bring back from previous games, as long as they dont bring back Blitz.
i HAAAAATE this mofo soooo much. worst dmc character ever.

especially while using Trish. Blitz is…the worst match up for her. Ever.


Blitz isn’t a bad enemy design, he’s just designed for Nero, like all of the other DMC4 enemies. They’re only problematic for Dante and his set of skills, until you become ungodly good with him at least. But that’s because none of the DMC4 enemies were designed with him in mind. If DMC4 had been a finished game it’s quite likely he wouldn’t fight enemies like Blitz in a normal campaign run, and would have had a bunch of unique designs for him


ive never played dmc 1 or 2. and im hyped to fight those enemies that carry those big scissors which are now in dmcv. glad enemies are plucked from the earlier games.

and i only complai about blitz in the trish match up because she has no charged gun shot. thank god for pandora laser. and you can pop devil trigger but ive never really done that against him.


The mob set for DMC 2 is actually pretty bland compared to 1 and 3 imo, I’m stoked for Sin Scissors redux cuz it looks so badass along with the new set of enemies for DMC 5