Devil May Cry 5


Bland? DMC2s mob selection is fucking garbage.


I’m not defending DMC2, AT ALL, when I say this but DMC3’s mob enemies are all super bland too. The bosses basically make up for all of it though since all of them aside from the flying centipede thing are really freaking good. Probably best in the series up til now. I do love Phantom too though


DMC2 in general is total garbage, I’m still an awe of how boring that game is. I had an extremely difficult time forcing myself to finish a single playthrough when the HD collection came out on ps3/360, and I couldn’t stomach more than a few stages when they put it on Steam. Compared to any other game in the series, it feels like a super shitty Chinese flea market knockoff.


Yea the game is trash. It has a coupe of good ideas that DMC3 used much better. I’ve only played DMC2 once and that was when it came out. I didn’t even bother replaying it in the HD Collection.


mission 6 with Lady, is the bane of my existence.

cant get that S rank.

game is nuts.
kept repeating the level because i couldnt get the S rank, all the while i was skipping all fights from the dice roll room, since i know how that dice roll shit works. and kept getting B ranks in style rank even tho i was rarely getting hit and killing enemies quick.

couldnt figure out why i kept getting a B rank when i was barely getting hit so i decided to intentionally screw up the dice roll. to get into fights in the dice room. which i did.
aaaaand. even tho i played worse. got hit waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more often than in my previous attempts. because i got into more fights and mixed up my weapons a bit more.
S rank for style.
even tho i played way worse.


this game’s system of ranking is 100% WTF lol


Hidden orb fountains being such a huge factor are the worst part about DMC 4’s ranking system. Nothing fun about looking for them with Nero, even less so having to memorize them with the other characters.


Dante’s revealed battle theme was trash. Glad it’s getting removed and replaced.

Lady’s hot as fuck in DMCV. Trish… yeah not so much

Game’s looking incredible. Capcom is pulling some black magic here with the RE Engine and this shit running at stable 60. RE2Remake is also looking fantastic

The animations are phenomenal, though they kinda seem a bit slower? Maybe no Turbo mode on yet, hopefully it’s in the game or will be added later

Love how the characters actively talk during the missions, it always felt weird how for example Dante was so talkative during cutscenes, taunting bosses and shit, and yet silent outside of combat. Even if they lines get repeated I still approve of this, makes the game a bit more lively

Dante’s melee weapons continue to tradition of having animations inspired by Street Fighter, seems like we’re dealing with Balrog/Dudley this time


I suspect the movements looking slower is due to more photo realistic look- that whole"uncanny valley" thing Itsuno talked about makes skipped animations look awkward.


I personally am glad it’s not moving at Turbo speeds, I hate that setting in the older games, makes them move like someone has the fast forward button glued down it looks and feels wrong.


Turbo mode should be the game’s default speed


My only issue with turbo mode was that it made the some of the million stab moves way too difficult to trigger, namely A&R’s moveset.


Yea it totally fucked with the crazy combo system making them much more difficult to do.

Wish crazy combos would come back.


funny thing about this particular series is how jumping is better than dodging. prob the only game like that in the character action genre where thats true.
i’ll assume when the first dmc came out devs really never thought about giving a really good dodge to Dante.
i guess because no one thought of giving a ton of invincibility frames to dodge rolling in those late ps1/early ps2 era. i dont know.
or maybe because his roll is tiny in distance covered and it seemed pointless or abusable to give it alot of i frames. who knows.
but its just funny to me to jump to give me invincibility frames instead of dodge rolling.
it is just weird to me to jump instead of dodge in this particular series.
feels like a old outdated ps1/ps2 era way of avoiding attacks.
nowadays EVERY DEV gives their max invincibility frames to dodging-rolling and none or very little to jumping.


I mean, the whole game works around that concept and always did from the start. That’s one of the reasons why the games have always had such high gravity. His ground dodge IS good, but you use it for specific things since you only dodge to the sides, but they DID have iframes. The reason Jump is the main dodge isn’t lack of thought, it’s BECAUSE they thought about it. There’s tons of instances where using jump to dodge and counter just makes tons of sense.

This isn’t a mystery dude, if you pay attention to the situations it makes sense to jump vs the ones it makes sense to roll, you’ll find that it always has a sensible reason.


its more than that i think. i mean, i know that until dmc4, you were pretty much safe in the air since most enemies couldnt touch you at all since they were grounded.
in dmc4 it got less safe to be and stay in the air.
but they made Trish’s jump an attack, and Lady’s double jump an attack too. its alot of emphasis on jumping.
almost no one dodge rolls in the dmc player base. which is fine. but it still feels like a old outdated system of avoiding attacks compared to more modern games.
maybe im just jaded by Bayonetta lol


The Jump having a hitbox attached comes from DMC1. It was a passive upgrade on Ifrit. You’re not any more safe in the air in DMC1 than you are in 4. The reason you’re so safe in the air in DMC3 is because of how Dante is designed. Dante in DMC1 and 3/4 are very, very different. Dante in DMC1 works more like a set of tools and certain tools are best suited for certain jobs(enemies). DMC3 and one makes Dante a swiss army knife but EVERY tool had to work for every enemy in DMC3 because although you have much bigger movelists, you don’t have access to everything all at once. As such, the design for enemies was making sure that all weapons had a viable strat, and in some(most) cases that just means making the enemies very simple. DMC4 is different because those enemies are design for Nero, and Dante never got a finished campaign with his own enemies, which is why it feels so strange to fight those same enemies as Dante.

My point is that you’re safe in the air for DMC3 because of design. You’re not very safe in DMC1 or 4 in the air because of design.

“almost no one dodge rolls in the dmc player base.”
You cannot possibly know this. Maybe none of the people putting up crazy combo vids do, but those are not the average player and in most cases those people are playing in a way that never requires dodging for it’s own sake.

What feels outdated? Jumping or dodging? If you mean jumping, again, DMC is DESIGNED around jump being the main evasive maneuver. Just like single button dodging, jumping in DMC is a single button, so it’s just as easy to access. Sideroll dodges are more inputs yes, which is why they aren’t used as often and are more for specific situations, which is fine, jumping is supposed the be the defensive workhorse in DMC, and has been since the start.


Just abuse the style switch and Trickster dash your way out of danger


Only DMC4 and DMCV have style switching.

I’d say the fact DMC doesn’t rely on its dodge for everything has helped keep it fresh and unique.


It WAS a knockoff.

It was literally a completely different game, with different plot, design, characters, etc, that got cancelled midway, and its assets redirected, its characters changed in DMC ones.


out of the 5 playable characters that dmc4se has, dante is my least favorite.
my fav is trish.
damn. 99% chance trish and lady wont be playable straight out the box. and be dlc. i can only hope that dlc trish/lady will be dlc on release date. i dont wanna wait months to play as them.
tbh, i just wanna play as trish and V.