Devil May Cry 5


I hope they tone Trish down a bit if she comes bacl, she’s retarded in DMC4.


I love Trish.

They could make her busted beyond belief, and I’d still play her.

And my being a Low Tier Character Whore is rather well known.


Yea Trish was fun, and if she’s OP I’ll still play her sure, but i woild prefer she was balanced to the games enemies and difficulty, i like a challange…shes not challenging imo. Same with DMC4 Virgil (He’s worse honeslty) and Lady to a lesser extent.

Lady is the most fun of those 3 imo, I wish that’s what Gunslinger Style is like.


Well he’s Vergil, him being broken isn’t surprising anymore.


I don’t agree, at all.


game has photomode.
alternate costumes shown.
and trish and lady costumes. which im guessing are alternate costumes


Trish and Lady are in the game so it would replace their in-game models. They wouldn’t be costumes for the main 3 playable characters


Dante showcase stream. Lifted from the VGG thread.


Dantee showcase? How come no one can say this poor mans name correctly? Lol.





Did they turn Nero into New Dante?


V’s gameplay looks boring. Nothing exciting about walking around letting your summons do the heavy lifting and get in the occasional sneak attack.


I disagree, but besides they showed he has attacks, they probably just had him walk around so you could focus on the summons attacking since this is the first time we’re seeing gameplay of him.


What do you mean


He has short white hair and cusses occasionally so yes Donte cuz he didn’t do any of that shit in DMC4. eyeroll


what does Vitale able to turn his hair color white mean?
like wtf?

he can also teleport.
and summon swords?
hmmmmmm. nah, he cant be.


It’s the combination of the short hair, the new look of his face, and the tether attacks that I don’t recall him ever having.


Nero always had Devil Bringer, but since he’s lost it they gave him a mechanical replacement. New look is just the person he’s modeled on.