Devil May Cry 5


So V’s summons are named Shadow, Griffon, and Nightmare…



Yeah I saw the bird’s beak and I thought it might be. Lookin forward to trying them all out


V prolly some reincarnation of Mundus or some shit lol


Reposting as the previous link isn’t working

Interested is seeing more of how V works in game


I think I actually like V’s theme.



Damn, Lady is cute.


you left out V.
and that RE2 engine looks so damn good.


Saw one theory that Virgil is split into two people. One evil and one good, with Vitale being the good version and the other being the evil version.

Was never up on DMC lore other than what I saw in the cutscenes. Is the DMC collection still butt on PS4 with the music and sound issues? Was there input delay as well?



Little V cover of V’s theme. It’s pretty awesome lol. I actually really like the original vocals too though, kinda want to hear a version with this instrumental and her vocals instead. Not that Little V’s voice is bad by any means.


sum demo gameplay w woolie woolz


New V trailer with more footage of his gameplay. I read somewhere that he fights with the summons but has to finish of demons himself or something. Was pretty sick seeing him walk on Shadow’s spike lol


I marked out at him walking on the Shadow Spike.


im much more interested as playing as V than nero or dante. in dmc4 i didt even like dante that much. dante is literally the one i play the least.
i only care about V. and Trish when she finally drops. jeez i hope they dont change her move list too much.
but trish bae comes first for me.


If be fine with her move set staying the same, but I would like it’s properties to be made less retarded. The shit she can do is fucking dumb lol. Fun but dumb.


It doesn’t help that DMC4 was only built around Nero being in the game, and Dante was just sort of shoehorned in at the end. I recently played through DMC4SE on PC and while it was fun, man was it frustrating at certain parts since 4 was literally only designed with Nero in mind. Some of the enemies and bosses are very frustrating to fight as Dante or other characters.


i wasnt even referring to that as so much that i dont like some of Dante’s weapons in dmc4.


What he said about Dante being shoehorned in still applies then. Dante’s new weapons already look waaaay better


I personally loved DMC4 until it got to the Dante parts and you literally played the game backwards. I never beat it because of that.