Devil May Cry 5


yea the backtracking and repeat levels murder that game.

btw. its just a couple months left till 5 drops. well. 2 months and a couple weeks. dear god the hype.


Oh, I mainly stopped playing it because I absolutely hate Dante as a character. I bought DMC4 specifically because Dante wasn’t the main character. The fact I had to play the game backwards with him was just the catalyst for me to stop playing the game.


best theory of who V is, which seems to make the most logical sense.

breakdown of his playstyle

did not notice his tats disappear with his summons


If I recall correctly, they just did that because they ran our of time/money so they couldn’t complete Dante’s levels.


Was telling Was a this a few nights ago, but I honestly think Dante wasn’t supposed to be playable and a chunk of the dev funds and time went in to making him playable because the gam base pitched a fit. Then you toss in the cut/rushed dev cycle that game had and Dante just ends up with scraps.


It can’t be. According to the Devil May Cry: 3142 Graphic Arts source book, the switch to a new protagonist was only greenlit on the condition that Dante would be playable as well.

Honestly though, the problem itself isn’t the levels. Rather it’s the enemies since they’re all designed around Nero’s moveset, not Dante’s.


No Dante’s the problem, not the enemies which are a massive step up from 3s enemy set. Dante being trash against them is indicative of his trash design in 4, and yes Dante’s mechanical design in 4 is garbage.

And yes the levels are trash the second time. They could have done nothing with the forest and it would have better then what they did. He’ll they hand you a brand new character with a deep end of mechanics and then put you in a timed mission. Dante’s missions are fucking awful.

And I dunno how much faith I put into that design work interview honestly, but I have nothing to argue against it aside from watching the games mess of a development cycle where Dante looks completely and utterly shoe horned into the game. He only has one new weapon, Gilgamesh shares too much move set with Beowulf.

But eh that’s my feelings on the subject. shrug


V is Vergil and Mundus’s gay love child. You heard it here first.


Two sides of the same coin. Good enemies in any DMC game are those that are designed to work around the players movest, which is a problem in 4 since nothing is designed around Dante.


Because he wasn’t supposed to fucking be there in playable form, its so painstakingly obvious that I am willing to say they lied in that interview. Nothing in that game works for Dante, he’ll he only does good damage due to glitches and system exploits.

And no it’s not two sides of the same coin, its two totally different coins. DMC4s enemies are quit well designed, Dante is not and thus he stinks in that game without doing Smash Bros level finger gymnastics. Dante’s the problem, not the enemies.


Except the earliest public previews and builds of DMC4 did have Dante. Albeit a younger looking one, making the game seem more like a direct sequel up to 3.

If there’s anything to blame with stuff being rushed, it’s more having to restart development on the game when the concept changed.


Does it really matter why at this point? The only thing that matters is that the game ended up not living up to expectations. Why that’s the case is irrelevant this long after the game’s release.


The early previews where full CGI, one of DMC3 Dante that looks odd, and another where he looks like someone else completely, like a drunk hobo or some shit. Neither of this indicated anything. Those don’t mean anything. We didn’t see one but of playable Dante till 3 months after the games official announcement and what we got where a couple weapon previews and that’s it, as if they didn’t really have anything to show.

And I blame Capcom management for rushing it out the door.


ive never beaten bloody palace.
not in 4.
furthest ive gone is level 37th using trish. i think i could at least get t dante its just blitz is trish’s worst nightmare. shes the only character that cant charge her guns which means i gotta save devil trigger to do pandora on his ass. it gets harder to manage once blitz has multiple enemies on the field and i cant quickly lock on to use pandora fast enough to catch the moment he isnt teleporting.
i dont understand how people can complain about the color coded enemies of DmC while praise blitz.
i wish bloody palace in 4 was like bloody palace in 3 where you could skip levels.
the whole, gotta do every single level to advance sucks dick considering it takes hours man to reach dante. what were they thinking?


You could skip levels, but DMC3 had 9999 levels. Even using the 100 level skip makes the total number of levels you need to finish about the same as DMC 4. So beating it will still take awhile. I think I even beat DMC4’s bloody palace far faster than DMC3. I don’t remember my DMC3 time at all; however, DMC 4 took under two hours.

We shall not speak of the horror of beating DMC2’s bloody palace. Now that was painful on many levels.


Because Blitz only fuck you over as Trish (In this instance shes badly designed) while color coded enemies fuck you over the entire game.

It would be like having 2 or 3 blitz on the field, they constantly huddle, and are only weak to specific shit, but not the same shit. So while trying to take out one Blitz you just keep bouncing off the blue one standing next to him for no fucking reason other then he’s blue.

Edit: Also worth noting, when DmC came out Trish wasn’t playable.



Rated M.




Ummm every DMC game has been rated M. Why even feel the need to post that?