Devil May Cry 5


It should be noted you can have both, Bayonetta is just as expressive as DMC3 & 4 and its enemies are very agressive and combative. Bayonetta has a really rewarding neutral and punish phase. I really dont see why DMC only really gets to have this during boss fights other then an over valuing (imo) of player expression in the punish phase.


Ninja Gaiden 2 and Bayonetta are my favorite action games for a reason. Enemies are more than punching bags for combo videos. I get so much enjoyment when the enemies are trying to fuck me up and fully capable of doing it.

Holy shit dmc3 and 4 bore the fuck outta me.


I enjoyed the DMC games (particularly 3) but always kept going back to playing Bayonetta. Never really thought about “why” till you mentioned it.


Having recently replayed Bayonetta, the only aggressive enemies I’d say are Grace and Glory, but you only fight those in situations where it’s just them on the screen.


Enemies . . . . . naaaaaaa, they are dick-punches incarnate.


On lower difficulties maybe but when you play on hard everything is way more aggressive. Fairness and Fearless, Ardor, even the basic dudes. G&G are the standouts though sure, but everything else has it’s place as well, it’s not only them



For those who don’t know what inertia is and why people want it back in DMC5


Dont have the time at the moment to watch the video, but will later. I know what intertia is but it didnt contribute to DMC4 outside of combo video nonsense so unless they have it have some kind of meaningful impact on combat theb it doesnt need to come back. It really didjt contribute to DMC4 as a whole so it needs more justification then “it was in 4” or “it increases the combo depth.” Combo depth is deep ebough the rest of the combat needs a lot of work stop qith the combo shit. I really want them to stop adding stuff to these games that doesnt contribute to the actual combat, we have plenty enough silly combo crap, make getting to the punish phase interesting please. I hope the video adresses this, i dunno if i can watch another video thats only about player expression as if these dudes are picassos or some dumb shit.


Have fun.


One mother fucker said he’s too used to fucking revengence. Holy shit this world.


Reading the responses. This one made me laugh out loud.


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There isn’t anything wrong with dodge buttons but games don’t need dedicated dodge buttons. There are also plenty of defensive options in DMC games though. I haven’t played the demo yet (hoping for PC demo soon so I can do a test stream), but does the demo mention that jumping has invul frames?


I don’t think it says it specifically so, but I don’t think any past game ever specifically said it either. But yeah lots of ways to avoid damage.


DMC has a dedicated dodge button. The jump is the baaic dodge mechanoc thats why its pre-loaded with I-Frames.

Im not surprised tho, the gfaqs board for the game ia full of people asking for a Bayonetta dodge.


It doesn’t mention it, no. I wonder if the training room in the full release will talk about it? I doubt it though. I can see the nugget of info throwing people off though. The demo does tell you about the roll though, and how to do it. You can’t make something idiot-proof no matter how hard you try.

I’m just excited that in less than a month I’ll be playing a new DMC :party:

My hopes are quite high for this truth be told in that there aren’t any development snafu’s an like DMC4 (and DMC2)and this has Capcom’s backinig and Itsuno and co.'s full attention from the start. Despite some of my complaints about DMC3, the story and sense of progression were on point. The enemy design is looking phenominal as well.


kiddies spoiled by platinum games and fromsoftware, is all. I mean I don’t blame them for having this mindset seeing as games like DMC haven’t been around for 10+ years and the reboot had not one but TWO dodge buttons. Having a dodge button is pretty much a staple in modern day action games.