Devil May Cry 5


He has the stubble, kind of a fatter wider face, and his hair is pure white instead of a more grey color which reminds me of my grandfather whose hair went bleach white as he got older.

Never said you had to agree with me Gasa.


PC version of the digital deluxe editon is $55 on Green man gaming.


Not even going to read the thread because I’m too afraid of leaks. I waited 10 years for this I’m not trusting anybody right now. just came to say I’m on media blackout because leaks are everywhere so I’m out until the game it released.


Yea i dont blame you. We’ve done a good job here of keeping the leaks and spoilers and shit under wraps but everywhere else not so much. Don’t even look at the gfaqs board for this game dude.


So many spoilers lol
I couldn’t help myself so I looked at a few but I’m really gonna try to stop looking at shit.
I probably spoiled all the biggest surprises already though lol


Ditto, but i think I’ve saved a few things for myself to.

I’m kinda done talking about the game with the general populace now anyway, everyone’s just whining about how the characters look and shit now anyway when I think they all look fine they just don’t look so fuckin anime anymore and that’s a personal preference.


you guys do realize that when Vergil’s face will be revealed it’ll look exactly like Dante from V just without the stubble. cuz twins
i cant wait till complainers lose their shit about Vergil not looking like Vergil from 3 or 4.


Actually people are bitching about him in V already specifically because he looks a bit different from Dante.


Another thing i hope returns from DMC1 besides more agressive , intelligent enemies is the heavy survival horror theme.

I know that mostly comes from it being a former RE game, but I think that also made it stand out more than the others. It was some grotesque stuff in that game and certain sections were downright creepy (like when the castle went dark)


What I have seen of V looks to have some of that. The Nobodies from 1 are back for starts.


Apparently you will be able to swap the finished cut scenes in the game out for these, the pre-rehersals. I hope some of the actual mo-cap footage is used to, want to see Reubin and Bosch and the rest doing the actual scenes.

No spoilers in the above clips by the way, its safe to watch.


Reviews for the game seem like this is a return to awesome form. Friday can’t get here fast enough.


Reviews have been flooding my feeds. PC players should be able to pre-load the game today. I’m already foaming at the mouth.


I need to stop being lazy and install this new card…so I can redeem my DMC 5.


I watched IGN’s review due to temptation. The end of the review pretty much confirms everything I thought about the Faust hat once I saw it.


Didnt expect DMC5 to get 9’s since it doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, but I ain’t complaining either. I think I’ll pick that up and Left Alive (maybe)


Left Alive been getting kind of tore up in the reviews.


Steam forms haven’t been kind to Left Alive. If it’s really that bad I will make it a discount buy.


Japanese players been lambasting it too apparently. Difficulty is all over the place, gunplay doesn’t feel very good, just general jank it seems.