Devil May Cry 5


I honestly don’t find XLH’s stuff very interesting. Like, yeah, he’s good at the games he plays, but I don’t think he’s actually very stylish or anything in the way he plays


In the (tiny) scene that exists, HKDJ is probably my favorite, with n47a a close second.


I got the game pre-loaded. The wait for the unlock will be brutal.


I just pre-ordered through Best Buy to ensure getting the additional costumes. If the Deluxe Edition is available on release day, I’ll just cancel it and re-up.


None of the modern players really match the stuff people where doing in 03/04/05 imo. I had to turn Donguri’s recent boss rush video off because he spent soooo much time pointlessly airdashing constantly, accomplishing nothing. Was very dull.


Also, maybe it doesn’t need to be said but, just a reminder to stay the hell away from YouTube cause people already posted vids with spoilers in the titles


Yeah, I don’t know why people feel the need to do that. I get it that you want the title to be descriptive, but no need to be blatantly obvious, especially when it’s a spoiler.


It’s literally just people hoping to get views. Most of those channels are small channels you’ve never heard of.


Agreed. I saw one pop up that I immediately removed from the recommendations.


Looked away but just peeked, then looked away real quick on one, lol.

Did come across this though

Thought I’d seen all his Bayo vids but NOW I can say I have, haha.

On the topic of Reverse Attacks for DMC. I’m lost on the explanation. Any advice?


Not so fast my friend

You won’t get the codes right away I’m still waiting for my keys for DMC5 and RE2r. They are in short supply due to high demand.

I heard some people took weeks before they got the codes, I advise you to claim your games as soon as possible or it’s going to take even longer


Thanks…I’ll install the card Tonight.


Spoiler Free review by Sphere Hunter. I’ve been liking her content recently, and i thought this review was quite good and honest. Either way it’s a spoiler free review so it’s safe to watch for anyone who would like someone’s impression.


I mean . . . . . . It’s already paid for . . . . . sooooooooo :smiley:

Funny TV spot


That commercial was pretty fucking hilarious lol
Reminds me of the Japanese MGR commercials kind of


Yea i legit laughed when I saw it earlier today.


Is a 1050ti with 8gb ram good enough to run this? Or should I just by on ps4?


Dunno anything about gfx cards but base PS4 is mostly 60 fps with some dips apparently. A Pro is almost totally 60fps with rare dips IIRC

Skip to around 18 min to see the framerate comparisons in-combat


As much as I love Dante and Nero, its high time Sparda gets his own game detailing his time serving Mundus up til his betrayal and defeat of Mundus.

Seems like a story that kinda needs to be told before they close out the sons of Sparda saga


Possible they could do that in the future, or maybe they feel a game solely on Sparda would never live up to expectations, similar to how IGA didn’t want to make a Castlevania game set in 1999 when Julius Belemont finally kills Dracula for good.