Devil May Cry 5


Gotta take a chance like Kojima did with MGS3 telling Big Boss’ story. If nothing else, the gameplay guarantees to be great if the story falters (but I think they could pull off a great story if they really put their thinkin caps on)


I’d rather they not feel shackled to doing that at all. If they want to do it cool, I’d be excited to play it, but I’d be just as excited to play a game totally unrelated to Sparda but in the universe as well. Hell, maybe Lady and Trish can be the main characters lol


I would not be suprised to see Lady & Trish DLC in 5 soon. I heard they were pretty fun to play as in DMC4 SE


Lady was a blast in 4SE. I have a bit of time with Trish. She’s pretty OP so long as she’s bot fighting a Blitz. She has hilarious tech imo. Takes Spinning Bird Kick to whole new levels.


Lady was super OP in DMC4SE. Charge shotgun was degenerate as fuck. lol

Trish was solid too but yeah she had huge problems fighting Blitzes. I still think DMC4 is a great game but man did it have a lot of issues with enemy design in relation to people that weren’t named Nero.


Haha, “degenerate,” somehow a fitting way to describe it. I love that her weapons all had lvl3 charge and they actually made them way better. I actually think DMC can work really well with a firearms based character, and Lady just proves that to me. I was always kind of disappointed in how limited Gunslinger style was but Lady is like that style taken to the max.


That’s why she was my favorite of the 3 added characters in 4SE. She took a neglected style and really fleshed it out. She also changed the way i played the game and approached fights and that made her more interesting then Trish or Vergil who have the same gameplan as Dante and Nero for the most park.


If anyone is still looking for physical copies of the deluxe edition, check Best Buy again. The store inventory has been updated. Most stores seem for have only gotten 1 or 2 more copies.

This video is quite frankly one of the best pieces from Kotaku I have seen in a while. This is overwhelmingly positive despite the title.


The Holy Grail of Trash…Youre asking a lot of me to click that link with that video title and it being Kotaku lol.


That’s exactly why I had to put the disclaimer in front of it :smile: . A fair bit of it is the reminiscing of his developer past (including time with Suda51). This may be a love it or hate it, but in all honesty, after the first minute, I just wanted to hear his thoughts.



I can’t tell if he’s actually telling the truth or this is just a totally made up story. I don’t know that I’ll every understand this “insult as a praise” bullshit people try to do though. I gotta admit his writing style is funny though.


The writing is what hooked me on the whole thing.


Today’s the day boys. Don’t be late for the Party.


I got my activation codes for my games today

DMC5 4% downloaded…time remaining …8 hours WTF?!

ohh well going to leave pc running all day i’ll play this after work


Mission complete. 9 hours or so to beat. Time for sleep.

I guess the charactesr are all going to ignore that Vergil killed thousands of people…


I’ll have this same experience today.



I’m about to pick it up now. Annoyed as fuck I couldn’t get today off but no helping it lol


Best Buy sent me a message last night, 11pm, saying my order was ready for pick up, didn’t see it until this morning. Time needs to move faster so work can end already.

I’m calling in sick tomorrow though. I’ll be useless to everyone if I’m thinking of ways to SSStyle all day.


I played up to three missions this morning before having to go to work. I didn’t know the game was developed using the RE engine. No wonder the character models are top notch.

Been having a blast playing Nero. I haven’t experimented much with his breakers but I’m loving punchline.


< 10 minutes o n the install then its go time :slight_smile:

Gerbera 4 liiiife!