Devil May Cry 5


Just bought it, can’t play til tommorow tho, graveyard shift😑


This for the PS4? About to grab dinner and then the party’s gettin’ crazy!


Dude, V is a ton of fun lol. I’ve seen people complain about him being mashy but if you just play with intent he’s way more fun. Same for the series as a whole lol


Has the camera been fucking anyone else during combat? When it’s behind me it’s perfectly fine but if it’s on side or front of me my direction inputs tend to get fucked.


I had camera issues for most of the game. Sometimes objects would obscure my vision and the lock-on seemed to prioritize big ground enemies which made a it a bit of a headache whenever there was a flying enemy a distance away. I ended up just running away, manually spinning the camera, then running back in.


Yeah it was.

I heard there’s a way to unlock Son of Sparda difficulty, without having to beat Normal first.

Family shit came up so I had to stop just as I entered the mansion in the second mission. At least that is mostly cleared up. Diving in hard tonight.

Really enjoying the way the story is unfolding so far and how it’s presented. Top stuff!

I do wanna play the intro over though. I was doing pretty good then got greedy.


R3 will switch targets for you.


L3. Holding R3 just switches auto on and off. Also I feel like the left stick needs to stay at neutral for the target switch input to register


V is fun as hell. Fuck Nero.


Kotaku has been surprisingly positive about DMC5. Their actual review might as well be jizzing all over it.


Yea you can’t be moving or else it won’t work. Kind of odd.


Is it me, or does that Nico chick look like pornstar Sophia Grace?


I’m not feeling V. I don’t like the delay on his actions since you need to wait on the monsters to be summoned before they can do anything. Movement seems to be the only exception to it.


Just a matter of getting used to it. Certain other actions are more instant too like Griffon R1+b+Square, it just depends. The cancelling rules are not all the same for each move


I think Nero is a ton of fun too, but yeah V is fuckin sick


I just give Nero a hard time cause I hate exceed.

V oozes charm and I love the summons. His movement is crazy good too lol.


I’m hatin hard as fuck yall niggas at home enjoying this masterpiece while I’m stuck at work on graveyard shift. I hope yall data gets corrupted​:joy::joy:


I went in early to work and left early. No bs skipped outta that bitch with a quickness.


I wish I could pull it, but we gotta maintain a 24 watch on the boat. I still got 8 more hours to go til Im relieved


Just got the Dr. Faust hat.

That fuckin cut scene lmao.