Devil May Cry 5


Looks like we were wrong about the three Arms on Nero’s waist/belt being for Style (Arm) Switching. Even so, many in the community still believes he has a form of the system base on the small information we’ve collected from the small bits of gameplay.

Itsuno mention in this link (interview starts around the 3:53:00 mark) that the Arms will break and Nero will basically Reload another Arm via his waist. So there’s some type of Durability on those Robotic Arms.

Also, there’ll be more DMC gameplay on June 20th. Time to hibernate for a week boys!


I’m excited tbh

Nero looks cool, Crazy Uncle Dante coming to kick Nero’s ass for fucking up, moveset wise Nero seems mostly the same bar the arm-specific, and I need to know who the fuck that third character is

It’s 60fps, looks real pretty, and yes - I do like the trailer theme


DMC5 will be releasing by the end of March 2019


Can’t wait to let out






The time has come and so have I.



I’m surprised that Itsuno himself is who wanted to do the photorealistic style =/


Did they ever announce who the dev team was for DMC5? Visually it looks like a continuation of 4 (in a good way). Just curious.


It’s being developed in-house with Hideaki Itsuno as director.


Thanks Hawkingbird! Good to know. Fingers crossed it surpasses previous DMCs.


That’s pretty much their intention. They literally want to make DMC5 the best action game made in the last ~25 years or so


Hopefully DMC5 will be an actual game unlike 4 where level design and interesting enemies was pretty much an afterthought to “how much shit can we cram into Dante’s moveset??”



If DMC2 didn’t exist, 4 would be my least favorite.

Really hoping 5 brings the “action”, not the combo exhibition with no enemy variety.


I’m not expecting it to have enemy design as good as DMC1 but if it gets even halfway there while still having the cool combos I’ll be happy enough. Mostly just want sweet bosses again. I may shit on DMC3’s regular enemies but the bosses are great


I loved 4 cause Dantes combat was so deep, enemy variety was low but most mobs in DMC are just fodder outside of the lil mini bosses


1 has the best level and enemy design hands down, although 3 was pretty good in a different way. But to me the most enjoyable part of 4 was playing Dante in BP which soured me on the whole thing. Anyway, I just hope 5 has more balance between combat engine and level/campaign design.


Hopefully Capcom won’t rush out 5 like they did with 4, which obviously hurt the level design with Dante’s section of the game. Been playing through 4:SE lately and the enemy design isn’t that bad, really, even if there are some recycled enemies like the lizard men and Frosts.


I get the feeling this one isn’t rushed since Itsuno already seems to feel proud of it. I’m pretty optimistic honestly, even if I’ll probably never accept the visual style.


It’s supposed to have started development somewhere around 2015/2016 I heard, all rumours though


Germany better have some good DMC players to provide footage.


I’m not going to get my hopes up