Devil May Cry 5


Haha, I actually love Exceed. I’m really bad at it, but getting a Max Act into a lvl3 EX High Roller feels sooooo fucking good. Even though it’s just the basic launcher, I always thought the grounded lvl3 version of it was super cool.


I feel like they eased up Nero exceed timings. Thank god, maybe I can enjoy him now.

Lol and yeah if there’s one thing I love bout him it’s that lvl 3 High Roller and combo B.


Navy or casino?


The weapons for Dante just “feel” better than they did in 4. I gotta put some time in the void to see how I really want things to work. The only two things that are negatives about the game are the camera in tight spaces and the fact that to switch targets, the stick has to be neutral.



I’m liking V but I get flinchy in fights with him since I need my mobility especially around the more aggressive enemies. I’ll end up calling the summons in the middle of a combo, which ends them, so I have to reset, lol.

My grades were going up with each fight( no less than a ‘B’, no more than an ‘A’). I’ll hit the Void tonight. I love it when the music kicks in on the S+ ranks with him. The hype and awesome kick into overdrive when it happens, more so than even Nero, and I end up losing concentration. :slight_smile:

Really excited to get good with him and look forward to DMD mode.

Haven’t unlocked Dante yet, but I think I’m about to?

Glad I wasn’t the only one having problems with the lock-on. Now I won’t :slight_smile:


Also fucking Cavalier is so FUCKING COOL. I wasn’t sure they could pull off a weapon like that very well but it’s super rad that it has combos in weapon and bike form and mid-combo transformations. The only criticism I have is that you can’t just straight ride it, or at least stay on it a little longer.


Lock-on is especially an issue for V because if you hold lock-on while attacking and trying to reposition, you get attacks you didn’t want like Griffon R1+b+Square. I think it’s best to split your attention into combo and evasion mode, so-to-speak, so don’t even bother moving while comboing, since if you try to reposition you can basically only mash Sq and Tri in neutral.


I finished Devil Hunter Mode last night. Games so awesome, i loved just about every moment. There’s a section late game that I was smh at, but was short so eh. I died a couple times to bosses over the course of the game.

I love the Breaker system. Everything about it rocks and I’m so glad they didnt go the easy route and just turn the Breakers into the Style System like so many people whined for.

V is a ton of fun but as mentioned earlier if your positioning when doing a combo isn’t good you’re gonna bone yourself with needing to dodge or just eating a hit. But juggling Shadow and Griffon as well as summoning Nightmare into the fight is just so good. On Devil Hunter Nightmares hella OP tho.

Dante…hes Dante, just a blast to be with every second he’s on screen. His weapon selection here is pretty great, tho a little small again tho I understand why. A particular new Sword is fucking amazing, and a particular returning weapon is even better then before and once again so much fun.

I really liked the story, felt as good or maybe a little less then DMC3s.

I don’t get the revive system in this game…maybe The Gold Orbs will be worth using on higher diffs or something, but I dunno. I ended DH with 12 Gold Orbs lol.


Neither. I work for a tug/towboat company actually, we mainly trasnport coal


Does reading attract aggo? I swear I can’t make V read without it calling attention to every enemy in the room.


It might but Itsuno said that in general enemies aggro less to V on DH, but moving to SoS and above will make them aggro to V a lot more so in later difficulties it might not matter much at all. I don’t personally feel it does, I think it has more to do with moving so slowly but not sure



While that is true (it being the best) there are still some flaws on the mechanical side so I have to deduct like 5 points from it’s total score. Nero… holyshit I cannot believe how well designed he is. It’s fucking insane. Dante already had the kitchen sink and that wasn’t enough they had to give him even more shit! V is interesting the first few times but I can see his combat getting boring quick.

will go in depth later. This is legit the most fun I’ve had playing a video game in quite some time. It’s like I have awakened from some decade coma or something lol


Got a fucking D rank with Nero on the rematch, only to S rank the next mission with V, lulz.

Think I’m just going to rock Gerbera and Overture, with a very occasional Punchline to scrub out extra hits for now. Not feeling the other arms too much outside of Buster Arm. BA is awesome just expensive right now since I’m mostly going for abilities and moves.

So I think my loadouts after my first play through will just consist of Gerbera, Overture and Buster Arm.

Edit: just got Dante! He looks weird with Beowulf.


Did a second playthrough. . . . .“Well I’ll be damned”.


Beat the prologue fight that you’re supposed to lose.

Also, if you do it on the very first try, and not just use an endgame Nero, you also unlock Dante Must Die.



You can beat the prologue fight? Well damn


When the fight happened I imagined this was it. Didn’t know DMD was possible on it too. Too GDLK.

Loving this game btw! The horror aesthetic is so awesome and, for me, rivals Bloodborne. The rendition of Hell reminds of Bayonetta 2, so I’m almost retroactively mad Bayo2 is on the Nintendo systems…almost, lol.


Take note that trophy hunters looking to Plat the game will have to beat Urizen in the prologue as well.