Devil May Cry 5


Two thoughts:

  1. Queen Bayonetta has got a tough act to follow.

  2. Devils Never Cry is the best credits roll song in the franchise


Just unlock heaven or hell and waste his ass. :joy:


I wonder if the one shot counts for the shield?


I fucked up a Proto Angelo with a well-timed charged (lvl.2) Shotgun blast. Knocked him on his ass, but didn’t kill him. Satisfying as all hell. Made a Chaos tumble too after it came out of a roll. I marked out on that one, haha.

I’ve only been able to Critical Shot the Scissors though.


I think they are the only ones with the crit kill.


Yeah, and it’s unrelated to the shotgun, it’s just a mechanic they have


One thing I think is an oversight they should fix is the Breaker Magazines should auto reload between missions. Its kind annoying having to refill them over and over.


V’s taunts . . . . . that is all


The point of Sparda is to be a legend, you kind of undermine that by solidifying him in a dedicated story, kind of like explaining a joke.





I’m pleasantly surprised at the references to other Devil May Cry media. I never expected Morrison from the anime would make it into the games. I wonder how he managed the race change.


Capcom Employee 1: “Kamiya put a black guy supporting character in Bayonetta. What do we do?”
Capcom Employee 2:" Enact the Birdie protocol on Morrison"
Capcom Employee 1:“Why didn’t I think of that…”


So it turns out the numbered Breaker Magazines auto reload. Dope.


Only if the legend is poorly told, there’s a right way & a wrong way…



Stylish Hanbei’s response has me in stitches man :rofl:


I’m losing my mind on Mission 18, haha!

If I did GOTY’s this would be it. Holy shit this has been awesome! I need to pace myself though. Yesterday I played for too long without breaks and just sorta-faceroll with some things, which leads me to use a gold orb, to faceroll more.

Today I went in ‘fresh’ and currently on M18 as noted before. Game is too good!

The Kalina Ann upgrade…oh lord!


Love the scene where Dante gets Dr. Faust. That was amazing.

I going have to take it to the void before using it on missions. It using up orbs got me nervous.


Agreed. It’s a really great risk/reward system though. You really have to use the hat trick ro really run up the bonus.

Does anyone use the claw grip while playing?


I normally use claw for right stick camera control but this game doesn’t need that most of the time so I only switch in specific instances. I’m still working on deciding how to change the button config though