Devil May Cry 5


Do you guys try to maintain your style rating when fighting bosses? I generally try to.


Depends on what you mean. I don’t watch the meter but I do try to mix up attacks. That said on the first play through I mostly focus on learning the boss since you need to know the boss well to really do anything stylish.


Welp. I keep getting the “fatal application exit” error on start up and there appears to be no fix for it. Guess I’ll be playing this later. Lmao.


Some people fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling their graphic drivers.


Yeah I tried that and also tried changing the config file to work for DX11. Neither worked so I’m stuck with a game that just crashes on boot. Third capcom game I’ve had this happen with.


That was definitely not expected! Seeing Nico copy him at the end made me lose it!

I’m guessing as long as you don’t get hit you’re cool, and you’ll get back more orbs than lost?

RE: Boss Rankings…I’m 50/50 to 60/40. On the initial playthrough I’m just doing it to see the ending so I can avoid spoilers, but at the same time I wanna see what I can get away with, and what doesn’t work.

I can’t wait to revisit Mission 19 when I have a handle on Dante and his arsenal.


equip nero’s buster arm for bosses.
when a boss’es glowing red part becomes a dull dark red color. use buster arm like you would in dmc4 to get the buster move cinematic attack from the dmc4 game.



I am disappointed to find the dedeluxe upgrade in the store does not include the skin colors.

That’s lame Capcom. Just satin.


Meaning you only get 1 try and you must restart the game. EG; You can’t be at like mission 9 and then go back and do it?


I believe, if you do that, you simply unlock “Sons of Sparda”.


and here we go . . . . .


Am I the only person that got the foreshadowing when Nero said that one line in the corridor (spoiler when clicked):

One Liner Without power you cannot protect anything



Yeah I definitely felt that one. Be neat to see Nero take a step towards the dark side and seeing that internal struggle.


Yeah, I already liked Nero, but this game definitely made him my favorite character at least as far as characterization goes.


Sitting here sadly waiting for AMD to give me my damn code for snagging a AMD card. :frowning:




Got my code from AMD months ago. Just had to log in and link my AMD account to steam. Had the game in a few clicks. Too bad I can’t even play it though. Lol.


I’m on a phone or else I’d link Saur’s video. He has the DLC arms. He was using Gerbera(doc version) and it looked intense but almost…Too intense.

Think I’ll main Dante since I’m not coming into this day one instead of a several laters like I did DMC4. V after that.

Still losing to Mission 19 but I’m having fun regardless. I’m sticking to Sword Master with a little Trickster mixed in. Gunslinger comes out when I’m surrounded.

More than a few times I had him but thought I was in SM for the last few hits only to do something with GS Trickster >_<


19 is truly an adapt and overcome moment. Download and style on that ass!