Devil May Cry 5


I think I’m finally, after all these years, starting to begin to get a hang of Dante and more frequent style switching. Still getting hit a bunch from button confusion but it’s lessening quite a bit. Also can’t really handle frequent switching between more than 2 styles at a time.

Anyone have good Dante strats vs Furies yet? Aside from just guard+just release. I have a bunch if strats for Nero, and haven’t even begun V, which I’m dreading a but lol…

Though, come to think of it Griffon R1+b+Square might do a good job of punishing it…


Nevermind. 1-on-1 V WRECKS Fury easily. You can interrupt his attacks easily, especially with Griffon


Saw that Capcom is backed up getting Steam codes. Hopefully i’ll get it so i can get into the game soon.


I am really trying to learn to how to leverage Balrog. Getting the muscle memory for moving between blow and kick mode has been taxing.

Same here. There’s a lot of Dante’s move set commands that are different also. I feel like this game is tuned better than the previous one. Right now, the most annoying thing is the camera especially when it hurts the directional inputs.



you guys should really go back and read this thread from its beginning. alotta interesting things were said or predicted.


Just beat the game last night. Overall an amazing experience and I can’t wait to get working on harder difficulties after I unlock all the moves and get all the blue/purple orbs.

Am I the only one that wishes Mission 19 had a throwback to the original boss track?


only gripe i have about the game is

too many levels inside the tree. backgrounds wasnt the prettiest setting to see. hate DmC as much as you want. at least the locations were pretty to look at.


It does though?


It’s a remix of the 2nd Vergil fight from DMC3.


The fastest way to farm is to play Mission 13 with Dante and use set the Faust hat to the enemies. Even on my terrible runs I was getting about 50K in red orbs.

It’s also one of the missions that you can also play along with people.


I actually hate the way the reboot looked, it’s use of color was head ache inducing, ESPECIALLY that fucking nightclub mission. I actually had to turn the game off on that mission. It made my eyes throb.


I get it down to half without getting hit, but the second and third phases you can’t get hit at all. I’ll mess up forgetting that I’m in GS or Trickster, and not SM and make mistakes from there.

EDIT-NOT-EDIT: I did end up beating the game. The ending was something. I would describe it as fun, fan-servicey and safe. I enjoyed it overall though. This is without a doubt my favorite DMC game now and has replaced the first DMC for me. The ememy intros were awesome, especially.


i have a question

arent vergil and dante twins? so why did they use another face model for vergil? p.s. some of the female voice actors are hot! oh and did not expect old black man to be voiced by a white dude. i must be racist


That was the one thing about this game that annoyed me from a story perspective.

and another one.


They wanted him to look a bit more like a certain someone else.

He’s also lead a pretty different life then Dante, maybe they wanted to express that, most twins stop looking exactly alike as they get older cuz life does different shit to people.


Here’s one from Saur. I thought I posted it up but didn’t. At 00:17 you he uses DLC Gerbera. Shit looked funky at first, but then I looked at the bottom right and it answered my question.

EDIT: I need to fuck around with Faust. I’m sooooo broke in this game haha. Currently in the Void practicing Dante. I’ll chill on my SoS run for now. I was really liking Nero in this, and still do, but after Dante and V, he’s almost too basic right now. Plus I think I have Campaign burn out.

When Astral Chain and Bayonetta 3 drop, I’ll definitely be pacing myself as opposed to trying to finish the campaign as soon as possible.


The GP01 is way better then the base Gerbera imo, but I also think it’s the only one in the Breaker pack that’s worth anything. Pasta Breaker is meh, Sweet Surrender is meh, and the Megabuster isn’t good imo.


I will agree that Nero seems basic, but I can be a lot more deliberate with actions. Dante’s combat setup can be overwhelming. I feel like I’m asked which way to go in the middle of outer space. Having access to all 4 styles at once is a gift and a curse. Half the time I “forget” that I can do a lot of the moves.

I didn’t stop playing 3 till I S Ranked all of the difficulties (sans Heaven or Hell). 4 I didn’t really care to go back through it again. I will say that Bayonetta two annoyed me with those hidden verses, so I just went for the main ones.


Even identical twins facial structure can diverge quite a bit with enough time.


they look nothing alike tho. irs not minor its major


I barely noticed with all the wubs/techno added in and focusing on the fight. After watching a YT video, it barely sounds like a remix at all compared to the originals. It’s pretty different so I didn’t notice in game at all.