Devil May Cry 5


That Back + Special at the end…just…delicious.


I noticed like as soon as the song started. I totally disagree, considering I literally recognized it from hearing it.


That was fuckin sick. Check out this one too:


Fucked up mission 7 with my man @Gasaraki multiple times tonight. Wasn’t even hard matching up with him. We fucked shit up on Sons if Sparda mode to, was fucking awesome. My PS4 bugged so I lost some sweet footage, but think I still got some other. Gonna try to upload at some point this week.

If Bloody Palace has proper matchmaking and shit…fuck man. Fuck.


holy shit lol


bloody palace better be like 3 and not like 4. i better not be told i gotta do a million floors just to do a boss fight i wanna do. dont torture me just let me skip floors and give me my boss fights


anyone know any good V combo artists?
watched pat from super best friends play playthrough of dmcv. hes a pretty good dante. to watch a good nero watch woolie. he also did some interesting things with V combowise.
i give it a good 6 months before we start seeing crazy V combo vids. yes i know V summons is RNG but it also seems, enemy positioning, timing, and your summon’s positions can lower the RNG and make things more controlled or consistent.
woolie did something interesting. he did a griffon blowback and right as the group landed on the ground from the blowback he called in nightmare and nightmare did a body splash on them and i was like “hmmmmm. i wonder if that would work 100% percent of the time?”


I kind of doubt V will be about combos so much as just skill exhibition. Like showing Shadow parries or quick kills or something. Although there probably is potential for like Testament style combos where you bounce the enemy back and forth somehow. One thing I noticed too is that V cane attacks CAN cause hitstun even if the enemy isn’t weakened so there might be something there too. Well see though


Sick. So basically you can send a summon directly to a targeted enemy with [b, b + summon]. I had been noticing this happen in my own gameplay as well but never figured out how to make it happen.


Nero can fully rev up red queen while doing air taunt.
homboy is pimp



same guy has a dope juggle combo with V


PSA on Dr.Faust. USE THAT SHIT! Doing terrible on with Dante on his first mission and was able to grab 50,000 orbs.

The lock-on system is some bullshit. I think it does prefer you go after standing targets and will give priority to them, even if the enemy you just knocked Deon is closer.


meant to say down, not Deon. Forum is being dumb as usual.



If you’re new or want to take your skills to the new level by properly understanding mechanics better I’d suggest you follow this guys upcoming videos


Told ya. It’ll get you right.



Screwing around with Dante on Mission 19. I feel dumb for losing as much as I did the first time I beat it. Unlocked more moves. Level 4 GS with Shotgun…that slide…delectable.


Cut-in is such a badass move. I’m pretty sure it has iframes too but it’s hard to use em


2nd boss on some Bayonetta shit. Lol