Devil May Cry 5


Might want to put a spoiler warning on that vid. Good stuff though!


Alright I want to just state what I dislike about DMC5 for a quick sec. Afterward I’ll state what I love.

First, there’s no enemy weight classes like there were in the previous game. So now everything is a bit too floaty even enemies wearing armor fall at the same speed as the smallest enemies in the game.

The start up on Jump Cancelling has been increased to the point that speed it no longer a thing but more importantly it has killed off some JC strings that were possible in both DMC3 and DMC4. Some stuff still exist but looks wonky when executing it because of the delay now.

There was also some stuff about the Story I felt was rushed and/or could have been explained better like Nero getting a Devil form without going through some shit before reaching that climatic part in the game where it is revealed. Like in the last game Kyrie was getting attacked, kidnapped, etc. and you mean to tell me that wasn’t enough to trigger his devil form? But my dad who doesn’t claim me and my crazy uncle who made me salty throughout the entire game after calling me dead weight was enough to give me anime powers, lol. It had me excited to see when it was revealed but also bought up many questions.

No turbo mode. In the past the reason for this was simply consoles not being powerful enough to hold a stable 60fps. What’s their excuse this time? I’m 99% sure the base Xbone and PS4 can handle Turbo mode. And even if they couldn’t why doesn’t the PC version have it and LDK like vanilla DMC4?!?

No reversals moves. I don’t understand why this was taken out the game (via patch, it was in the game before day 1 patch) when it was in ever single build leading up to the release. It could even said that such a thing is false advertisement. And do keep in mind that reversals have been apart of the series since for decades so like what the fuck Itsuno!?!? The whole point of reversals was for positioning. People have discovered that while reversals were taken out there’s still a way to reproduce them in game via weapon switching exploit that was discovered day 1. However it seems to only work for some moves.

Why does Nero have TWO Snatches? The Devil Arm Snatch is not only faster but also has greater reaching distance than the mechanical Devil Breaker Snatch so there’s literally no reason to ever use it over the Devil Arm Snatch. The one and only situation where it becomes usable is if you decide to hold an enemy with the Devil Arm while executing combos and still having access to a Snatch via Devil Breakers. Which is cool and all but honestly they could have replaced the old snatch with some brand new Devil Breaker moves you gain access to for new game+ runs.




V is pretty fun and so un-DMC like, they took a risk and it works (mostly). His movement kinda reminds me of Nier Automata for some reason


The way he slides along the ground so much maybe?


Wire Snatch is upgraded with Rawhide. It does damage as it reels in and can pull targets normal snatch cannot, while DT Bringer Snatch can do the two targets.

I’ve never understood the complaints about not being able to do reversal moves. People say it’s for “positioning” but only for combos, there’s a fucking TON of positioning options for both Nero and Dante without it in neutral combat. V has less but doesn’t need as much anyway

Edit: Also, just to be clear, I’m not saying I’m glad it’s gone or anything like that, obscure or situational or high level tech is cool, I have no problem with it. I’m just saying the complaints are overblown. There’s plenty of positioning and juggling options.


I started watching this guy’s playthrough and man, it’s like people think the only depth to be had is in combos. Like, yeah, V’s positioning isn’t super strict when only combo’ing one target as long as you’re sort of near it, but V isn’t about combo depth, his neutral gameplay is where the focus is. I can agree that he needs more tools, but even the current toolset he has doesn’t have anything superfluous. He’s just less focused on style and more on strategy, which IIRC was the literal design intent lol.


Reversal are used in gameplay first and combo second nowadays. 4 had a lot of movement tools compared 3, as the meta consistently changes people got better and started applying reversals into their gameplay. You can find it in 3 too but it was mostly situation stuff. There isn’t a single DMC4 gameplay video from the past few years that you wont find without reversals being used in some manner.

The only people who think depth is tied to combos are people that don’t play DMC as much as they think they do.


You honestly bitch about the most irrelevant crap when it comes to DmC. Holy shit lmao


Who is bitching?


Obviously you. Just look at the list of things you disliked. I mean maybe I could, maybe agree with the lack of turbo mode. Everything else just seems like nonsensical bitching.


“Real world physics” I reckon.

Agreed, this game seems a bit slower and there just appears to be more startup, but a lot of the animations have additional frames, so this may be a part of the issue.

Some of that bothered me too, but he did get his arm hacked off and the fate of the world was hanging in the balance. Anime powers for anime reasons.

More than likely will be an update

I got a feeling that this was a “bug” that persisted in the franchise that just got addressed. Enemy step was a glitch that became so vital, they made it a thing.

Reasons. It almost invalidates one of the breakers as well.

I haven’t revisited V much yet I go into the void with Nero and Dante. I enjoy him because the attacks are simple and efficient. Seeing what comes of bloody palace runs with him will be interesting.


V with bloody palace sounds like a good time.


It’s called starting a discussing. And I stated these were the things I dislike about the game. I also said in an older post that it’s the best game ever made which means compared to DMC3 and DMC4 it’s a better game. That doesn’t mean it wont have things I dislike about it. I learned that from RSG recently in this thread, maybe you should learn it too. And if you don’t have anything to say besides Zzz and bitching then don’t even say anything. In fact to ease the pain you’re having right now you should block me if that’s still a feature on this site.


Speaking further on V. I do agree there’s some changes I’d like to see like a dedicated positioning command for all attacks, as well as just more of them. I don’t understand thinking the character sucks at all though. AT MOST he’s just short of being complete. Either more moves or more summons to cover more situations, and dedicated positioning commands. Maybe holding the book out would activate more moves like how lock on does


No pain mate and no need to block someone cause of shitty dislikes. Conversation and all that jazz.


Also I agree 5 is better than 3 or 4, but I still feel like the game is too easy?

DMC 6 really needs to have more humanish enemies that can fuck you up. Bunch of half demons or something? Dunno, honestly Dante, Nero and Vergil are probably too strong at this point to really struggle with anything outside of fighting each other.


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Not butt hurt. But since you think it’s uncool to block people I’ll do it for. But I’m going to need your help so could you please explain how the feature works on the new site… please?