Devil May Cry 5


Fuck if I know lmao. Didn’t know it survived the snap.


I kinda feel that same way, but for a different reason. I think that because this game is more polished there are more tendencies noticing the cues from enemies. Knowing that, I feel more of a pull to be flashier than effective.


And honestly Dante is just busted as hell now. I don’t know how you can really make this game hard when you’re using him lol.

Edit: That’s why! The polish and seeing the tells. Same way I felt with MHW, especially when I bodied the shit outta Teostra.


Alright I asked d3v. With his quick responding times you’ll be blocked in no time.


Capcom should have kept the styles locked. This is what made DMC3 the most fun because you had to think about your loadout, similar to how Nero does with the Devil Breakers.


I miss not having access to all the styles at once. Luckily they did make it so I don’t have to have all of my weapons on rotation.


I am sure that’s a decision that they probably wish they never did, but if they relocked them, people would be pissed. It’s another thing about this game that is a slight gripe, but in DMC3 you had to earn Experience to level up. Now you just spend red orbs. In a sense, it’s the same thing as you have to play the game to earn them but your ability cap isn’t directly associated with your performance playing the game with that Style.

I wonder if there is a Bonus on Dante missions if you don’t use any of the other styles?


Its easy as fuck to style wit V. Im gettin S and SSS not even trying. Safe to say im a V fan now. Lmao


Early hate for V is reminding me if the early hate for DMC4. Niche/‘hardcore’ communities never learn…


I don’t get the hate. I think V’s style adds an interesting element to the series. If the game gets a special edition I would like greater emphasis on the strategy of his gameplay.


Fucking thank you. Its really cool to have all these options but at the end of the day I think the OTF Style Switch system is a mistake.

I thought this in 4 as well, but Dante has a ton if issues in 4 besides the Style system.

I don’t miss reversals. I pretty much never use them. I don’t see the reason for it.

Edit: Also I think with how Dante only gets half the game anymore (which I am fine with) the exp system for styles would turn it into either a massive grind or a superfluous system. It took Dante between 16 and 19 missions to max out a style on Normal and Hard in DMC3. Dante doesn’t even have 13 missions in this one. So they would either need to lower the level up reqs to the point where you ask why is it even here, or leave as is and it becomes an annoying grind. I think purchasing the next level up with Red Orbs is fine since Orbs are basically exp in this game anyway.

Double Edit: V is fucking awesome and a great change of pace for this series.

Final Edit: as with Reversals I am glad Distortion is gone to.


Can’t recall a time when Dante gets his ass beat effortlessly by a villain


Vergil in 3 the first time.

It should be noted that Urizen isn’t sitting because he’s a bad ass, he’s sitting because getting up disconnects him from the tree.


Ooohh, that explains. Just got to that plot twist as well


Almost sure I’m near the end, so its no exaggeration saying this is the best DMC by far.

Only things keep it from absolute perfection is the targeting system & camera (and maybe a few more moves for V). An update can fix those tho, so no big deal

I took a break, cuz i feel like ive burnt thru the game too fast. Ill finish it later. Lmao


Goofing off and found out the V can air taunt.

Most impressive.


All 3 of them can air taunt. Dante throws Lucifer Rose when he does his and the rose has a hit box yo.


Some important notes, Itsuno says (in Japanese) that any stage reached in BP can be freely selected for training. So if you run into a tough fight instead of going all the way through everything else before it first only to get some practice in and maybe fail again, you can just practice the problem stage separately, directly.

They are also allowing us to stop halfway and resume at a later time, suspending progress, if you like.

Nothing on if it has co-op or Vergil.


This is a fucking dream.


So that’s what that is. I kept seeing something red getting thrown out in the combo vids and thought it was an orb from Faust.

I wonder if that’s only stages that you have progressed to.