Devil May Cry 5


Yes, that’s what I said isn’t it? Any stage you’ve reached.


Totally glossed over that sequence of words.

Played a few SOS missions last night. With the exception of some camera controls, the game makes you feel like it’s your fault for getting hit. I haven’t felt any “frustration” from playing yet.


That scene where u unlock the Faust Hat. Excellent​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


i’ll assume if you reach up to level 40.
that means you can start level 40 beat it and get to lvl 41 etc.
oh thank god. having to start from the very beginning was so very exhausting/time consuming.


No, you just unlock it for training. You can’t start from a later stage if you failed on it. The only way to start a later stage is if you exited from a previous session, having not lost.

If I understand it correctly.


I think you’ll like this


I was actually aware of this and yes it’s super duper fucking awesome. I kinda squealed like a school girl when I first tried it during that fight.

I love that the Death Sissors sort of have their crit hit back to. Very cool. Im about halfway through SoS mode and so far really liking the enemy set over all. Dont feel they are quite DMC1 caliber but they are still really fun to fight so far and i feel they have finally got a set of enemies that compliment eachother well when mixed and matched making for dynamic and interesting encounters.


The enemy set is indeed phenomenal. And the game consistently introduced new ones the entire game.

Gonna try a harder mode without gold orbs next time, game was a bit too easy for a DMC game on normal, those orbs bailed me out. Not that its a real issue since its trying to bring in new players


easier for the new heads they wanna bring into the stable. as expected.


So with Secret Mission 09, instead of doing it the “hard way” through enemy steps or timing Cavalier, Dr Faust makes it waaay too easy. Just spam the set hat trick while airborne. I uploaded a video because reasons. I already beat the mission, but you’ll get the point.




You don’t need timing for Cavalier. Literally just mashing Triangle is enough.


I got through that mission with Cavalier mashing the swordmaster button.


The Jackass Enemy of the Game Award goes to “Fury” - The only way to reliably knock it down quickly is to parry one of the incoming hits, switch to Swordmaster in blow mode with ignition and Shin Shoryuken his ass. It’s OK handling one, but once it pops up with multiple enemies, it’s a definite pain and has to be the first thing to go.


It’s deffinitly the Shadow of DMC5, but Gasarocky showed me a lot of his work in The Void against those guys and they honestly get caught by a ton of different shit, it’s really worth experimenting in the void to figure out what works best for you. I think they are more intimidating then they are dangerous, not to say they arent dangerous because they deffinitly are.

They are certainly harder as Dante as well, no doubt.


Agreed. Seems like any flurry attack of sorts can lock them down pretty consistently. I gotta find a way to get my touch of death game up after I hit them. You’re right about the intimidation factor. I find it easier to deal out Fury kills with Dante than Nero. I haven’t really come across them with Nero as much but certainly game for practice. At least in SOS, I don’t remember fighting any with V.


Very happy with this game, I expect to be playing it for years to come (like DMC3). I still think 3 is the top of the heap though.


3 wins nostalgia points for sure and is my “favorite”. Objectively, 5 is a better game in terms of features and refinement.


For Nero, Rawhide and Gerbera are easy to parry basically everything with. Ragtime gets you free Buster loops.


I use Gerbera to parry fireballs all the time, but never thought about using it for Fury. Rawhide is the perfect weapon for this application. Thanks!