Devil May Cry 5


Good DMC players in 2018? Hahaha. I mean the community has been booming since DMC5’s announcement but before that it was barely even alive.

Let’s just hope one of those journalist plays a bit of DMC4SE before going into DMC5. I just want to see the new moves more than anything.


I think you guys are expecting or hoping for too much for any kind of crazy combo footage.


It shouldn’t get any worse than that random guy who played and reviewed Cuphead awhile back. Sheesh, that was painful to watch.


Well in all fairness DMC4 came out pretty early in the PS3/360’s lifecycle around 2008(?), they were still having trouble with developing on both consoles at the time (mostly the PS3 but still). I remember that being the reason why they recycled the levels and enemies/bosses, all to make up for the long development cycle to create what little assets they had. They just thought they could make it work on the strength of the core gameplay alone.

But this far in the current console generation they don’t have that same excuse with DMC5. This game has to deliver on its own merit with no compromises.


Should be fine as long as it isn’t someone from Polygon playing it.


That was from Polygon? Sheesh, good luck to living that down. Crapcom should try and reach out to those DMC3SE or DMC4SE combovid makers and have them fucking break the game engine just to see how far they can push it. At least that way the gameplay and controls are really, really tight.


No, the Cuphead thing was someone else from a different site. Polygon has had plenty of other examples of shit gameplay like the Doom one though


not sure why people are hating the photorealistic style. i mean, thats like people saying why does FF7 have to not look blocky and polygony. DMC4 is way old. still looks great but in those days capcom couldnt do a photorealistic style even if they wanted to cause of hardware limitations.
i personally like that they borrowed the DMC reboot’s animations for how enemy’s bodies explode, the close up and slow down when they die. but still being DMC1-4 gameplay.
tho i wonder how the old hardcore crowd will handle that the gameplay is a little changed in that the camera is no longer in fixed position but free cam. which is going to affect what you do with your gamepad. tho it wont be much of a change in how you input stuff or the gameplay in general will be affected with a free cam.
i personally dont think it’ll be much of an issue.
im also glad Nero is back but bummed about the robot hand vs his old devil arm which was, lets be honest, op vs the bosses.
i’d rather have the dopeness of his old arm vs what might be a gimpier less broken version of his robot hand.

all in all im waaaay hype for this. getting day one and not listening to any haters.

also the game according to capcom is 75% done. but im glad it’ll still get released next year because i want this polished to a shimmering mirror finish. no rushing is good.


comparing to PS1 era FFVII is not a good comparison. It can look semi-real like how Monster Hunter World does where it’s on the realism side but obviously with some style-ization. This isn’t even a new thing for them as Dragon’s Dogma did it too. Modern graphics does not mean hyper realism, nor has it ever. Good graphics doesn’t mean hyper realism. Even your example of FFVII, the remake doesn’t look hyper realistic. It’s definitely on the realistic side of things but definitely still stylized.


so Vergil is in the trailer.
didnt even notice even after multiple viewings until the max dood reaction vid. where he notices it.

skip to the end.
hard to speculate but it seems that Vergil might be the one that removes Nero’s devil arm.
dear sweet jesus let vergil be a playable character.


I prefer gothic look of previous games. The game is only sporting the photo realism because the director thinks it gives the series a contemporary look. I would have liked if it stuck with it’s signature aesthetic but whatever.


it was a capcom’s decision not itsuno’s. The photo realistic visuals were expected given capcom’s record with previous games like RE7, MVCi and now RE2R.


At this point, based on what limited info I’ve read on it, I suspect it might be an RE Engine thing, since it is supposed to be designed with photorealism in mind.

As for Vergil, we do know that there’s a third playable character named “V”.

EDIT: Famitsu scans. Love that subtle NT burn.


That’s not what Itsuno said.


watch the video again


I dunno about a video, but that’s not what he said in the Famitsu interview. Like yeah Capcom wants him to make it modern or whatever, but he never said they told him to use RE Engine or to make it have a realism style. In the end, he’s the one that decided to go that way


At this point, I expect Capcom is shifting their development for future AAA games to the RE Engine. So he might not have a choice in that matter.

Besides, DmC was on UE, so they might have also wanted to avoid that stigma.


Photo realism is a flimsy reason to believe it’s running on RE Engine. That style is possible on any powerful engine if that’s the route the developer wants to take.


The RE Engine is pretty powerful and well optimized though. Consider how good RE7 looks and still runs at a solid 60 FPS.


No, it’s running on the RE Engine because it is powerful and much easier to develop for than their previous engines, with the time alone required to test features reduced by 90% (based on Capcom’s own reports).

That said, what we do know of it does indicate that it is highly focused on rendering photorealistic graphics.