Devil May Cry 5


I dont like te Photo realistic style, dont feel it gels with the series vibes and style, but whatever.


I don’t really understand the hate for DMC5’s artstyle looks like a natural evolution of the previous games artstyles other than the lack of saturated colors which was mostly a DMC4 thing.


Itsuno himself has differentiated the artsyle in the way he’s spoken about it. There’s no question it’s not just a natural evolution.


After seeing the FOX engine and RE engine I’m really surprised every big publisher doesn’t create their own proprietary engine.


Most do exactly. EA has Frostbite, Ubisoft has Anvil and Ubiart, Call of Duty has been upgrading the same proprietary engine for years, Square Enix has Luminous Studio for Final Fantasy.


Because it doesn’t always work out great if they’re not careful. Square Enix suffered massive delays while they focused more on Luminous Studio than on actually making the games (which is why we see more UE4 games from them). A good part of the problems with Mass Effect: Andromeda came from the fact that Frostbite was originally designed to make Battlefield games, and that they had to rewrite a lot of the systems from the old ME games from scratch.

Capcom tends to get it right because they’ve been designing their engines to work with number of genres ever since MT Framework. But even that comes at the cost of also have to play tech company as well as game developer. I’m betting a lot of work on the RE Engine came from whatever troubles they had with Deep Down and the Panta Rhei engine (which probably became the RE Engine).


Not to mention proprietary engines take a LOT of time and money to actually make one, plus the engine is not guaranteed/may not be built to be flexible enough to fit different genres. That’s why even though properietary engines exist, public solutions like Unreal Engine are also popular and may be more platform agnostic


Proprietary engines give their games a unique look thou.

I think it’s a myth nowadays they can take alot of money from the companies to make their own. Hell KoF XIV uses its own engine.


Seeing how long it takes to make the games with proprietary engines the time and money spend on them is no joke. KoF XIV looks like garbage. It’s engine is poverty af.


And engine doesn’t really determine the “look” of a game. That’s mostly down to art direction. It’s very rare for an engine to be tied to a specific art style or “look”, and these usually end up more like what we have with the RE Engine, focused on photorealism (because that’s a natural result of using most of the newest high end rendering tech).


Then you have to think why they went with their own engine instead of choosing something like the unreal engine if it was going to cost them more money, time and deliver poor results.

Snk already went bankrupmt once I don’t think they learned nothing from it.

I actually read this from one of the developers from KOFXIV, can’t find the interview I don’t remember the details very well but he said making their own engine was the way to go.

And KOFXIV runs at 60fps but people like to omit that part.


I’m talking about things like the lighting like they used to say all UE games look dark…well all UE SE games on 360 kind of look like that.

…don’t know how to quote multiple people sorry


Because in the long run owning your engine is cheaper, or at least is supposed to be. Isnt always the case.


15 minutes of gameplay


Only real criticism I have is that his run speed doesn’t really match his movement/ appearance of effort. Beyond that, I am looking forward to it.


More gameplay footage


DMC5 is going to be showcased on the Inside Xbox Gamescom stream in about 15 mins.

Edit: Too much shit to take in atm. going to need a moment after seeing that trailer. Also, Dante’s trailer reveal confimed for TGS 2018.


Doom combined the words Shotgun and Grappling hook.

Devil May Cry 5 combined the words Motorcycle and Chainsaw.

I fucking love 2018.


Release date trailer. It’s coming March 8th

Dante turned a moterbike into dual chainsaw swords. The fucking madman.


Yo, I’m almost more hype about the prospect of being able to use the motorcycle anywhere instead of just being a cool cutscene thing. It’s about time DMC had a Panther Within style movement option.

Also, fucking Blue Rose airdash/double jumps tho!