Devil May Cry 5


Music, game play and fucking Dante. Who has the Nero meme handy?


Wow, for once, the IGN footage actually shows off the game the best. It seems like the person playing has at least played DMC4 before lol

Edit: Oh god they’re playing on Easy Automatic, that’s why hahahahahahhahahahah


That sequence with the Sin Scissor gave me goosebumps and that piledriver move Nero did on the monster was wicked cool. This game is gonna be so dope!


new footage is too much for my senses.


Dante looks a lot better there. He was looking like a crackhead in that one shot of him.


There’s so much I want to say but I’ma keep it short for now since work; MOTHERFUCKING AIR TAUNTS!!! MOTHER. FUCKING. AERIAL. TAUNT!!

Let that sink in for a minute. Make sure to breathe when needed.


Game looks fucking great. The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is the broken glass in the corners of the screen, it takes up quite a large area, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Also don’t like the announcer voicing your stylish rank, which has forgone stylish for savage?


D- Dismal
C- Crazy
B- Badass
A- Apocalyptic
S- Savage!
SS- Sick Skills!!
SSS- Smoking Sexy Style!!

I actually do kind of like the announcer thing lol



If anyone wants names, it’s Tom Senior’s preview on PC Gamer.


the music getting better as you play better is fucking brilliant. just gives you more incentive to get those S ranks.


DMC5 looks fucking amazing based on the gamescom demo alone

Visually it’s stunning, Nero seems to pretty much have retained his movelist, there’s now trash talking mid-boss fights, the enviromental destruction during the boss fight in the demo is a really cool detail, Nero holding onto his sword at all times while running is a nice touch

I hope every boss will have some unique gimmick



that reminds me…why didnt DMC definitive edition not come out for pc again?


Because who the fuck wants more DmC?


Most of the improvements from definitive edition were present in the vanilla PC release.


no toggable lock on tho.



Fucking thank you. Don’t get me wrong, I like DMC1 a lot and that had a ton of “puzzle-ish” things, but DMC 3 and 4 moved in a different direction and I’m 100% fine with them dropping stuff like that. If there’s anything puzzle-like at all, it should be combat related


As if Itsuno would do such a thing. We’re talking about Itsuno here–an action genre genius who has a team with the same mindset and focus. It’s pretty insane that something as simply as doing a taunt in the air is more innovating that most action games that were released inbetween DMC4 (2008) and DMC5 (2019). The only exception here would be Bayonetta (probably). No one has even attempted to make something more technical than DMC.