Devil May Cry 5




Since we all apparently missed it. An anonymous internal beta tester leaked video of the prologue.

Yes, that’s Lady there at the end.

Other things that they supposedly mentioned were
-31 missions, 10 for each character, plus the above prologue for Nero.
-Campaigns can be played in any order, but the recommended order is Nero > V > Dante
-V is a new character named Vitale who fights by summoning.
-V was designed to create a character who plays in the opposite manner as Nero and Dante.
-There is DLC planned, but development hasn’t started on it yet.
-Itsuno wants this to be the last DMC game that he’ll direct, and he wants to tie up all plot threads from previous games.


Got another link? It’s already dead lol

Vitale sounds cool, I’m really curious to see what he’ll be like


Spoilers for some appearances n shit

Ugh, Vitale’s face is a little questionable in that first screen shot.


Nero’s face has grown on me. Its fine now. Vitale’s face does look odd in the first pic but he looks fine in the others and in the video.

Dante looks like shit. I’m not diggin this scruffy unwashed look on him.


He looks like Kylo Ren.


ill assume virgil, lady, and trish will be dlc


Yeah. That’s what everyone is saying lol


Adam Driver is in everything these days.


Gods… I want to play as Trish.

I’d possibly bite on that.



Now I really wish that ‘‘Nero’s Pro Skater’’ was a real game.

Also, how long before someone mods Ragtime so that the game plays ZA WARUDO everytime you active it.


Dante’s battle theme music video.


Not feeling it at all honestly lol


Dante’s theme sucks. I would honestly prefer a remix of an older theme than that garbage.


Video got pulled because the lead vocalist apparently has a history of sexual harassment.


Not singling you out, but the DMC fanbase is being dumb and spreading misinformation (no surprise) saying the singer of ‘Subhuman’ is the one with the sexual misconduct allegations, when it’s actually the singer of the band of Suicide Silence with the allegations ( and texts to prove it).

I was reading on Resetera (yeah, yeah) and one of the game journalist Patrick Klepick mentioned he was going to draw Capcom’s attention to these allegations earlier today. He too didn’t get the story right, so I’m guessing a witch hunt and then a backfire is awaiting us, lol.

I like the song actually, even though I’m not into metal anymore. I wouldn’t mind if they brought back the DMC1 track for Dante’s theme though.


Link to source?


Here’s the link going around after the trailer dropped.

Here’s from the DMC reddit

Here’s the ERA thread. In the second quote you can see

“Lead singer of Dante’s theme started a relationship with a 16 year old, pressured her for nudes when she was 17, then started becoming emotionally abuse towards her when his girlfriend got jealous. She eventually became seriously depressed and suicidal, even attempting suicide once.” Summarized by Sesha.

Sesha is a member at the website as other people are posting things like.

You can see on the trailer (or could) that the singer is different.

Cody Johnson made an Instagram message that was deleted talking about he was pumped that he got to work on the game, with a slight jab at his haters (nothing like the DmC fiasco).

So TL:DR Eddie Hermida is the one that is hit the allegations (that are pretty damning) and is/was(?) the singer of the band Suicide Silence, and Cody Matthew Johnson is the vocalist for Dante’s theme (featuring Suicide Silence). DMC stans are so mad at the song they are trying to stick Eddie’s sexual allegations onto Cody Johnson to get the song pulled from the game.