Devil May Cry 5


what sexual misconduct? lemmie guess he sent dick pics. who cares.
dantes theme sucks but i love neros theme.
song sucks ass but dear God i hate dmc fanboys. theyve gotta be THE most toxic fanbase in gaming history.
star wars fanbase is prob a distant 2nd


Platinum games fan boys are pretty bad


No. They really should make everything, with Itsuno’s team and Sega’s RGG team as back-ups.

Dumbass fan bases aside, DMC V is looking insane and I can’t wait for it!


Really not a fan of Dante theme. :exploding_head:

I wish for previous Devil May Cry series style theme. Not this that will make me headache after 2 minutes in of gameplay…


I disagree. The only good platinum game is Vanquish. The rest are meh to okay at best and I’m being generous giving them that much credit


Platinum games haters are pretty bad.


ignore Stuart. he thinks i hate mac when i dont and assumes im part of the crew that mocked him in another thread for liking mac. he thinks i hate mac cuz he didnt bother to actually read my post. too busy seething with anger. now he’s reaching for straws cuz he knows i like platinum. when we all know platinum fanboys dont even hate. like what games do platinum players even hate on other than TMNT mutants in manhattan lol?


What the fuck are you even talking about?


All this is manufactured drama so Capcom can sneak in this.


??? What about Transformers: Devastation, Neir: automatica, Bayonetta, Metal gear: revengeance …


What about them?


Honestly, all this Platinum talk is getting off topic. Let’s move back to actual DMC5 talk.


Capcom is going to change the music. I guess we wait for the blow back. Fanbase is still confusing the singer of ‘Subhuman’ with the lead singer of Suicide Silence. Should be a fun time leading up to release, lol.

There isn’t much to talk about with the game being leaked. I’m hoping Lady is playable, but it might work like Bayo2 where Lumen Sage and Rodin or only playable in the mp portion of the game.

Lock & Load is what I’m rolling with for Dante’s theme. The DMC 3 and 4 soundtracks were good for a laugh but not spending money on.


I’m just worried about this deluxe version only weapon stuff. That seems like mega bullshit to me.



For those that don’t want to give them clicks.

"Earlier this week, Capcom revealed a music video for Dante’s “battle theme” in the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 , a track called “Subhuman” from the notable deathcore band Suicide Silence. Soon after the video surfaced, however, fans began to circulate a 2017 report about the band, in which Suicide Silence vocalist Eddie Hermida was accused of sexually manipulating a 17-year-old girl, an allegation he formally responded to and apologized for, albeit without fully admitting to the charges.


When contacted about the report, Capcom told Waypoint it was unaware of the allegations, and was looking into alternative music options for the game. Here’s Capcom’s full statement:

“The music was recorded for the game before the incident came to light and we were unaware of the incident until now. However, as we are now aware of the current situation, Capcom has decided that moving forward, we will not further highlight the Dante battle theme for promotional purposes at this time. We are also currently evaluating what options are possible for the full game at this point, which is dependent on various factors such as resources.”

The official music video, which already had been received poorly by the Devil May Cry community, has been pulled down from YouTube. Music-only versions are still online through unofficial sources.

The 17-year-old, a longtime fan of the band, alleged Hermida was “aware I was still underage” when the two began daily communications over Twitter, which escalated into meeting in-person after concerts, and eventually requests to exchange nude photos.

In response, Hermida apologized if the woman felt “hurt, manipulated, and otherwise distressed by any of our past communication.” Hermida claimed she told him she was 18 years old. The woman claimed otherwise, and provided texts to help back up her claim.

“To all of the girls who are speaking up: you’re so, so brave for getting through this and speaking up about the issues that are in this scene,” she said in a now-deleted social media post, which she removed due to “victim blaming” harassment she was receiving online. "


There’s also behind the scenes footage behind Deluxe version too. Apparently it shows the actors in clothing doing the cutscenes? I imagine this stuff is limited time for the Deluxe versions set to be released for everyone later on.


Yeah but even if that’s the case they’re probably making it paid DLC. I’m fine with extras like alternate battle music and alternate cutscenes being extra, I just won’t buy them, but weapons? That’s fucked for a DMC game.


Welp, Dante is about to have a new theme.


Off-topic but it looks like P* is the last company to not include DLC in these types of games?

I’m sure the singer of Suicide Silence is about to get black listed from every band from here on out.


Dante’s new theme is trash so I’m happy about it removal. Get another new song or remix an old one.