Devil May Cry 5


where exactly is Virgil again in this story? his location? hell?


Far as we know he should be dead. Dante “killed” him in DMC1.


even with the shitty music that trailer was fucking godlike. got damn what freaking timeline is this? A fully functioning complete with full budget 3(or more) playable characters day one DMC game!?!?!?


Sending nudes to a minor is a pretty big deal. Doubt Dante’s theme will stay in the game at this point. Probably for the better since apparently it was not well received.


who is the V guy again? some people are saying he’s Virgil’s 2nd son.


Vitale is his name, there is no reason to suspect he’s related to Virgil at all from what I’ve read


The deluxe only stuff killed some hype for more but i gotta admit I was happy to see a fist weapon with a totally new moveset finally.


Vitale huh. has anyone looked up what the name signifies or refers to back in history? since Dante and Virgil refer to something. fuck it let me look it up myself.


I’m pretty sure they wanted to give Dante a late 90s/early-00s style death metal theme so that each playable character has a unique genre. I’m guessing Vitale’s theme is straight up emo/screamo.



Death metal would be cool- death core, not so much. Suicide Silence definitely falls in the latter camp.


Yes it is.

She sent the nudes though.

Yet in about half of the U.S. she… wasn’t a minor.

Especially not in Hawaii.

…which really needs to get its shit together.

On Topic, this is the first time I have been hype for DMC since number 1.

Off-Topic, Platinum lost all bragging rights when they managed to fuck up the potential for a TMNT resurgence.


Dude is in his 30s emotionally manipulating a 17 year old to send him nudes. That’s gross. Dude is gross. Don’t be gross. :confused:


Style Switching was confirmed. I’m not really sure why there was a rumor going around about Style Switching being removed from the game or why there was mass panicking from the community. Itsuno isn’t the type of guy to go two steps forwards and then two steps backwards when it comes to combat depth. He already designed a specific character for beginners/newcomers as well as Automatic mode.


I’d argue that the style switch system wasn’t particularly great and could have used stream lining.

Since it’s back here’s hoping they ease people into it more gradually.


You get no argument from me.

I’m stating the law.

The law is perhaps a trifle on the gross side?


Should have kept Devils Never Cry as Dante’s leitmotif


I liked how Style Switching worked in DMC4. Can’t think of another way to go about it outside of different button combinations to switch them. Maybe they’ll expand them to include the diagonal directions? Maybe you’ll have to choose up to a certain number before the mission and you cycle between those for that mission?




fuck man this is looking to be the greatest action game of all time!


style switching felt perfect. as opposed to the element switch in the platinum Korra game which really bugged me. it made me appreciate the style switching of dmc4.


Wish I could play Korra. It looked cool, but Bayonetta 2 dropped at the time and I didn’t have a PS4 either.

Oh Activision…