Devil may cry avatar request!


im on that devil may cry 4 hype shit, and i’ve never had a cool avatar before so if someone could help me out that would be swell

just a bit of sprite animation , if that’s not too much. preferably the sword slashing ones towards the top right.

that as the background, i don’t care about my name being in it

if the above is too big, then this

just his face thrown in there somewhere

sorry if i’m asking too much, but whatever can be done is fine

much thanks

edit: i know u cant save the first link, but couldn’t “print screen” be used to avoid that? if not, if someone could just whip up something simple with the above images that would be dandy.

just thought you should know, the first link brings you to a “no leeching” picture.

interesting. nothing the “print screen” button can’t solve.


i’ll take anything at this point. ANYTHING

Yo. I got ya. Expect minimalistic tripe.

thank you, i’ll take anything you can muster up. no pressure



thanks a lot man. i really like it. you will be rewarded in the after life =)