Devil May Cry Novel from Tokyopop

This book came out last week in comic book stores from Tokyopop. It’s a novel, mostly text written by Shinya Goikeda. There are a few drawings in it though from Shiro Miwa. It also features an afterward by Hideki Kamiya. Link -

I finished reading it today, here’s my review of the book. Slight spoilers I suppose --------


In the beginning Dante seems a little… how to put this, unmanly. He’s a little too friendly with a man, and he makes jokes to other guys saying, “I can’t satisfy you right now!” But it’s more like he’s very confident in his sexuality, kind of like Kanbe in Samurai 7 if you ever watched that. So he is just a little bit different than he is in the games. Well, I suppose I’m looking at the whole thing from a Western super machismo perspective, lol! He’s still all about the chicks so nothing to worry about.

This story was written after Devil May Cry 1, before Devil May Cry 3. So Devil May Cry 3 contradicts a bunch of stuff in it. But it may or may not of influenced things that were featured in Devil May Cry 3. I say might of because DMC creator Hideki Kamiya supervised the book. So it’s tough to say what was from Kamiya and what is from author Goikeda. The book ends where DMC1 starts.

But even if you are a DMC3 fan there is enough goodies in here for you. Vergil is in the book, and yes he and Dante fight! And yes, Vergil’s Katana is in the hizooooouse!

The character Enzo has appeared in both Dreamwave’s Devil May Cry comic and the Devil May Cry 3 manga. In Dreamwave’s comic he was a large Latino man who was a bartender and used to work with Dante. In the DMC3 manga he was a short Italian man who worked with Dante finding him jobs, but got fired in the same book. He appears yet again in this book, even though he has never appeared in any of the DMC games. Enzo gets a last name this time - Enzo Ferino. But unlike the Dreamwave comic and the manga, his nationality isn’t specified except for his last name (which sounds italian, like his manga counterpart) and he is described as being short like the manga too. Also, at the end of the tale he is still working for Dante unlike the other previous works.

Dante does travel to the Demon World, Sparda is in there and even his famous guns, Ibony and Ivory! This doesn’t happen at first as he is shown hanging out with mercenary types, but slowly demons start creeping into the book, and everything that makes Devil May Cry Devil May Cry eventually comes out and falls into place.

This is a great read for Devil May Cry fans! The action scenes are very accurately described like when you come across a great fan fiction.

I tried to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but yikes there are too many things to spoil in the book, anyway, go read it! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah there is an ad for the long awaited second part of the Devil May Cry 3 manga. It’s coming out in August 2006. This novel is great and all, but Dante in the Devil May Cry 3 manga so freaking owns the novel version.

Yo sano you know any torrents that I can get this off of, I didn’t know this came out last week and now every place who had them are sold out.=[

It came out 2 weeks ago, last week was just when I finished reading it. I don’t know anything about torrents, I suppose you can order it from online following the instructions on the link above, or you can try ebay. Before you go the online route, you may want to try if you haven’t already, bookstores instead of comic book shops like Barnes and Noble, or places that have book shops like Virgin, or Tower, (depending on where you live I guess, if possible call them and ask instead of visiting, might be easier) sometimes they carry books like this.

Oh, nice. The amount of Capcom stuff that comes out is amazing.

I’ll try to look for this.