Devil may cry reboot. wipe those tears dante, its gonna be okay


so the old thread is gone. guess it disappeared when the new site came up. so we got two new things today. we got a dmc e3 trailer and announcement that they are making a new movie based on the new dmc. TWO PIECES OF SHIT THIS TIME, Not just one. lol. so i shall linkith, and we shall discuss

e3 trailer

capcom has some balls to make a movie based off the new dmc which has just hit nothing but a brick wall for a majority of the fans so far. the dislikes are raping the likes on the new trailer too. lol


Well, I like the art direction, crackhead hipster Dante aside. Combat damn sure isn’t DMC3/4, but wasn’t bad actually

I feel like if this wasn’t Devil May Cry, it wouldn’t be hated so much.

Hopefully there’s an unlockable outfit that gives me the nigga in my avatar, though.


Did Devil Trigger give him white hair and a more red coat? I was joking when I said that DT is going to be him with white hair but c’mon.


if this wasnt dmc, no one would bother giving a shit. lol. its the only reason its getting attention. it might get more hate for biting dmc if it wasnt dmc, then if they made a new dmc, no one would buy this game if it wasnt dmc, if you dig what im sayin.

it wasnt even a TRUE gameplay trailer. this trailer shouldve been up a while ago, or a part of the first one or something. nothing about it looks to intrigue me anymore then i wasnt before. i like the coloring, thats about it. lol. try again capcom. come on, you still have time to at least get one buyer.

im just turned in my stomach by a movie after this. oh my lord, i cant wait for the fail. to fail at a live action dmc flick would be the biggest fail ever. the game is just asking for an awesome movie made from it. grindhouse mixed with martial arts, mythology, magic, in a modern setting would rake in hundreds of millions easy, but im sure it will be ass.

yeah, dt gave him white hair. have to go back and look at the coat


Just think about this though; once it fails, they’ll beg Kamiya and his Bayonetta team to make the next game.



Capcom hates its DMC fans so much it’s gone from sad to straight troll levels of hilarity. Maybe Bayonetta really pissed them off or something. I can just see Capcom Execs seeing Bayonetta and going "KAMIYAAAA!!!


lol how is this an origin story and Dante did not have Devil Trigger in DMC3(the only prequel I’ll be recognizing)?

Major fuckup…

This shit sucks…

By the way, this dude has gigantic balls for this…



Pause the E3 vid at 1:06. WTF is that. He looks like DMC3 Dante but starving.


aaaah, i cant wait for tgs, when bayonetta 2 drops, and it shines better then bayonetta 1, and capcom and team ninja can go suck more cocks. i bought in team ninja because of the ng3 producers choice words, but mostly all will be pointing and laughing at capcom. kamiya the god will once again have to show you stupid fucks how its done.

but kudos to you ninja theory, this new dmc looks soooo cool maaaan. its fucking hip yo (SARCASM). “but its just a shitty gameplay trailer, dont judge us yet”. eh, fuck you, its been almost a year since your tgs debut, and apparently it took you forever and a day just to lock that down and get it to the public. oh wait, no, im sorry, it took you a year to lock down dantes design. silly me. lol.

i look at a game like shadows of the damned, and its initial launch trailer at last years tgs showed gameplay, had an awesome soundtrack, the characters and voice acting sounded and looked fucking awesome. that game looked like it had my type of western appeal, a tatted up mofo with guns in boots and a leather jacket fucking up demons to some metal. thank you, ill take two. not to mention the overall progression of this game with dropping more trailers, gameplay, and random commercials makes DmC look like a bunch of 8th graders are behind this project. almost an entire year and you dont have real gameplay footage yet, or any interviews telling some of the story to your game thats rumored to drop at this years end. you fucking suck. lol

speaking of shadows of the damned, wheres that thread. need to get that bumpin or going because that shit looks hot as fuck, and should be purchased.


DMC1-3 HD remix for PS3/360 anybody?

And I wonder how much does a used copy of DMC4 would cost. I feel like getting into the series.


^ The game you get in with is DMC3… then DMC1(game didn’t quite age well for me) for shits and giggles…

DMC4 is decent(and decent at best) but nowhere near as good as DMC3… most I’d use it for is a frame of reference for how a DMC game should play…


this game seems like its on some matrix or inception shit with shit not being real, city is an illusion, dante being questioned who he is. this nigga poppin shrooms and lost in a dream or something. lol


Naw start with DMC1. You need to start at the beginning.


just play all 4 but start with DMC1.

despite (some) people not liking DMC2, I promise you, it will and already is better than this DmC crap.

SMH @ a movie about a game that flopped before it even came out.


man i hope so, i wanted 5 to be like virgil’s reviaval or something, and DMC was just a flashback or something lol


People still crying about this? Don’t like what you see, don’t buy it. Simple as that.


calm down. gtfo with that people still crying about this. niggas is just talkin on the net. go play ae


Nah, I’m going to shit on this sinking ship all of the way down. Ninja Theory has never made a good game. I still don’t see what made Capcom put them at the helm of a flagship action franchise. They made a God of War clone with shitty fight mechanics and shooter levels and a shitty action game with auto platforming and a fight system that might as well not of shown up. Then they give these guys license to change the character’s look. He looks like a fucking ^%##$^, and this comes from a bisexual trans person. This character looks like he tricks for smack and if any of you see any part of yourselves in this character redesign, know that people who pass you on the street most likely think that you suck dick for heroin and live in an alley.


Yeah, but in between that dick sucking for heroin, he kills demons. Nothing says Demon slayer like a junkie looking fuck head who hasn’t had a bath in two months. “Right after I fuck this demon in the ass, I’m gonna suck yo dick for that rock, baby!”


They’re going with the whole Tony Redgrave thing (Dante prior to being… Dante). Look up some stuff on it. Granted it’s from the now non-canon novels, it was also mentioned in the anime and his guns in game say “For Tony Redgrave” on the side of them, so maybe they kept at least that portion canon.

edit: Though, Tony Redgrave didn’t look like he has about 37 needles jammed in his arm.