Devil May Cry!


Ninja Theory not Team Ninja. If Team Ninja were behind this we might actually have something cool to look forward to.


I honestly would not want Team Ninja’s frustrating shit in DMC. Capcom so far had a good idea of what increasing difficulty is and I don’t feel like having the fucking crows in the first level kick my ass. My personal opinion though.


Fuck Ninja Theory? It’s Capcom who chose them.

Sadly I see all three of those happening. But which one will do it first…hmmm.

Basically. I guess Capcom’s designers realized that they couldn’t top what their old boys at Platinum games cranked out and decided to just start from scratch. With Ninja Theory.

It wasn’t horrid but yeah Nathan was lame in that game. Luckily you could use his Rearmed model and all became right with the world again.

Yeah the new BC should be tried by all. The swinging is done really really well and the hit and run style gameplay that comes out of that is rather exciting. Plus the soundtrack is beautiful.

Anyway, DmC looks like Fight Club, which looks like stupid. I’m not going to hate on Ninja Theory. It’s not their faults that Capcom pussed out on making a proper DMC5. It’s not even like the last game didn’t sell well or anything. And you do a reboot after putting regular Dante in the new MvC3? That’s like rebooting Okami so that Ammy is a werewolf or some shit.

This just has me smh.


Uh what’s this shit about Bayonetta? I would’ve bought this game despite every god-awful thing else. Change the title to ‘Heavenly Sword’ so we can shit on this game appropriately.

Watched the trailer… I think the visuals got a much-needed upgrade (DMC4, nice as it looked, resembled a PS2 game with more polys and HD)… not sure about the setting, obviously not feeling the character redesign. Knowing Ninja Theory, at least the cutscenes will be well-done… but uggh.


Not feeling this at all. Twilight Dante isn’t really needed. Hell the series doesn’t even need a reboot. At least not in look. I could understand in gameplay as DMC4 was pretty stale for the hype it was gaining upon it’s announcement. (just like RE5 and FFXIII and see how “meh” they turned out for how long they took?)

they say they want to grab the “Western audience” but we were already grabbed. I’m not sure where they’re trying to take this design direction though. The gameplay better be something or else they’re just digging a bigger grave for the series. Watch out guys, this might be DMC’s Next Gen DMC2.

oh and yea. Nice way to put DMC3 Dante in MvC3 only to announce DmC at TGS and completely oust the Dante everyone’s used to. Capcom still doesn’t get it.


It’s not about difficulty, it’s more about how at least Team Ninja has a bit more pedigree in terms of making these types of games then Ninja Theory.


It’s not about difficulty, it’s more about how at least Team Ninja has a bit more pedigree in terms of making these types of games then Ninja Theory.

Off course, if we’re talking about personal opinion, then IMO Capcom should just suck it up and have Platinum develop this.


Well Capcom did say the next DMC would have more of a western influence…let’s see if Andy Serkis is on board.


I just vomited a little in my mouth once I saw the Trailer. Why Capcom!? WHY!!?? oh well here we go, where not gonna see a new decent DMC game intill this one bombs which would be like the next 6 years!


not a fan of the underdeveloped lesbian look. Give me back OG Dante.


So…what was actually wrong with DMC4?


Outside of the retreading of old stages, nothing. I agree it wasn’t as good as 3, but it was still pretty damn great. Haters gonna hate.


People really didn’t like playing half a game, and then have the second half be the same thing backwards.


Main gripe there. I’m sure some of it stems from the fact that you’re not playing Dante most of the time too as some people didn’t like Nero. I didn’t mind him really. Don’t think he needed a God of War button though.

I also didn’t like the lack of extra costumes. But that’s more of a personal preference. Especially since 1-3 all had extra costumes then 4 just…doesn’t.


DMC4 is for people who love DMC. There’s really no arguing with you guys if you can’t see any room for improvement.


The new reboot is uneeded… Dante is fine as he is. I hope they’re trying to show a pre white hair/ebony and ivory/sword Dante. Why not make a game focusing on the legend of sparda?


Yes, the main character smokes! That’s cool, edgy, and appeals to a westerner such as myself. Capcom gets me!

DMC - Nero and stupid romance subplots = Game with western appeal


i didnt like dmc4 for mostly basic reasons

didnt like having to have to beat dmd to get unlimited devil trigger. lol! but no seriously, like wtf is that.
lack of costumes
repeating boards
dante’s kinda quirky fruitiness, but whatever
the fiends he faced were mostly pieces of shit. i have no idea what the design was behind them shits,but i thought the bosses were mostly pretty cool
didnt like the new way of switching styles, as i was use to dmc3’s way of doing things, and i liked it
missing of some of dantes weapons and grooves was dissapointing
the story wasnt lacking as much as it just wasnt dark and as interesting as dmc3.
levels were cute, but blah
i hate the slowness of the game. where is my turbo mode. like, a run button should be default also, not an upgrade.
compared to the game i played alot, dmc3, dmc4 was definitely shit, but a worthy game nonetheless as a dmc fan.

reboot should be sweet, and they get to develop a new character over time. too bad they think emo is the new western look, but i can deal. what happened to giving characters just a fucking buzz cut, and calling it a day. lol. nice military buzz cut, with some slick ass parts on the side or front, and bam. white people and their hair. ha ha

im sure the replies would be a bit different if the new dante didnt have emo hair. bet it, because the rest of that trailer looked cool, and we got proper fiends again it seems.


I’m feeling the same.
DMC & DMC3 were damn good games, never played DMC2, DMC4 well… that was all Nero’s fault :razz:
But this… why a reboot for a series that started in 2001?!
Hopefully this is just a side project like Resident Evil Survivor was since it’s just labeled as “DMC”…


there was no DMC 2, wtf are yall talking about?