Devil May Cry!


The new reboot is uneeded… Dante is fine as he is. I hope they’re trying to show a pre white hair/ebony and ivory/sword Dante. Why not make a game focusing on the legend of sparda?


Yes, the main character smokes! That’s cool, edgy, and appeals to a westerner such as myself. Capcom gets me!

DMC - Nero and stupid romance subplots = Game with western appeal


i didnt like dmc4 for mostly basic reasons

didnt like having to have to beat dmd to get unlimited devil trigger. lol! but no seriously, like wtf is that.
lack of costumes
repeating boards
dante’s kinda quirky fruitiness, but whatever
the fiends he faced were mostly pieces of shit. i have no idea what the design was behind them shits,but i thought the bosses were mostly pretty cool
didnt like the new way of switching styles, as i was use to dmc3’s way of doing things, and i liked it
missing of some of dantes weapons and grooves was dissapointing
the story wasnt lacking as much as it just wasnt dark and as interesting as dmc3.
levels were cute, but blah
i hate the slowness of the game. where is my turbo mode. like, a run button should be default also, not an upgrade.
compared to the game i played alot, dmc3, dmc4 was definitely shit, but a worthy game nonetheless as a dmc fan.

reboot should be sweet, and they get to develop a new character over time. too bad they think emo is the new western look, but i can deal. what happened to giving characters just a fucking buzz cut, and calling it a day. lol. nice military buzz cut, with some slick ass parts on the side or front, and bam. white people and their hair. ha ha

im sure the replies would be a bit different if the new dante didnt have emo hair. bet it, because the rest of that trailer looked cool, and we got proper fiends again it seems.


I’m feeling the same.
DMC & DMC3 were damn good games, never played DMC2, DMC4 well… that was all Nero’s fault :razz:
But this… why a reboot for a series that started in 2001?!
Hopefully this is just a side project like Resident Evil Survivor was since it’s just labeled as “DMC”…


there was no DMC 2, wtf are yall talking about?


lmao! if only that were true…:rofl::rofl:


i think dante got to grown up, and nero just wasnt interesting enough to go further with in my opinion. dante is like 30+ and although we love him, i think theyre making a smart decision by bringing him back young again and reopening the doors to his swag, weapons, story, ect… seems like a logical decision to make. dantes old and nero doesnt matter. i wonder who the new lady and trish will be :slight_smile:

i want moar cutscenes, and awesome ones. i want a slick story with a nice twist. i want it dark again, and i want moar metal. lol. everything that was awesome about dmc3 should be in the new dmc. :slight_smile: EVERYTHING


So… Who is this anorexic chain smoking piece of shit? His name sure as hell isn’t Dante.


Pretty sure it’s like that in every game IIRC.

I agree. A lot of companies backstep and Capcom’s no stranger to it.

the main problem with DMC4.

But Dante’s always been like that. O-o

All the monster designs were forgettable save Frosts.

You liked having 1 style and 2 weapons to switch out only at saves/before a mission? DMC4 made it easier for crazy shit to be done and overall a lot more accessible.

This has been happening since DMC1. Well really any action/adventure game with 1-2 weapons returning. It’s like saying Megaman should keep all his upgrade from his last game when a new game drops.

yea I don’t even remember wtf DMC4 was about besides Nero saving his girl and Dante just being like “what the fuck ever”.

I didn’t mind them until it turned into being a Mario Kart Mirror course.

Felt fine to me. But this is more preference anyway. If anything, Nero made the game slow with his God of War style of playing.


where the fuck is the silver hair!!!


You guys should already know how fucking tight I am based off my avatar


man they should scrap this piece of dog crap because there is no devil may cry elements in there i am all for reboot but this is garbage i mean dante looks like a fucking tweaker


IIRC Devil May Cry 4 sold the best out of all of them.

That said, I could maybe see the need where they feel they had to reboot the game. Not necessarily in this direction, but something to shake up the series a bit, Devil May Cry 3 was about as good as it gets gameplay wise, and 4 wasn’t bad either, but I don’t know where exactly you could take it from there with that Nero story. I don’t know necessarily what you could do at that point to make the game somehow seem new and innovative again. One thing I will say is that I’m a little disappointed that they made him into a smoker. Hideki Kamiya thought he would be cooler as a non-smoker.

Bleh, we’ll see.


nah, dmc3 had a code you could put in to get all the outfits, and some gave you unlimited devil trigger, and others gave you limited with each transformation varying depending on what outfit dante had on.

well yeah, but none of what dante got in dmc4 was up to par to dmc3’s weapons in my opinion. im willing to accept new, if new isnt worse then the old. you wouldnt like your brand new car if it is worse then your last one.

anyways, enough about dmc4. im sure thats all we’re getting from tgs, which sucks. i hope there is more footage to come, and a spring release date :slight_smile:


See…this was the reaction I felt was going to end up happenning when Capcom said they were going to ‘westernize’ DMC


I just woke up and saw that video. I don’t know what to say.


Nonsense… Retcon is the magic word here… remember a little game called SF4, with character running around who were supposed to be dead?
That’s the ticket and just build on with the Dante that started the party in the first place! Not some SES reject.


smoking cigs is mad cliche. i wish he smoked cigars or cigarillos or something. lol.

to me this could be a very interesting reboot. i wanna see dante battle in some hell dimensions :slight_smile:

nah. dante was quiet in dmc1, dont know about 2, was just a wild brat slacker in 3, and in dmc4 he was like blatantly kinda fruity in the homosexual sense. i prefer brat slacker dante over them all :slight_smile:


oh i’m not talking code. i’m just talking in general. DMC3 was the only game where you could put a code in to unlock everything. I also forgot that some of the costumes also came with perks.

Actually I think Dante’s weps in DMC4 were damn near Broken/OP compared to his DMC3 stuff IIRC. Plus having Vergil’s sword was a nice plus.

DMC1 he was but when he spoke, it was to do some silly joke or some cilche line that worked cause he didn’t talk much any other time.

what’s DMC2? But in a serious note, he barely speaks.

DMC3 he was just a young brash asshole with a big mouth. I didn’t like it at first but it obviously fits him.

DMC4 he’s got experience so I guess it’s somewhat like DMC1. I’ll just let the skills to the trashtalking cause I know you can’t win.

I know I know…being too nitpicky. But nothing else to talk about.


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