Devil May Cry!


I’m VERY disappointed that it’s a reboot. With that said, it could turn out to be a decent game. Ninja Theory is very talented and the last thing they would do is make a bad game, but this new approach to the series isn’t really doing it for me.


There’s a trailer for it on I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be a disappointment, though I’m majorly pissed off about them replacing the original Dante with…this guy.

“DmC” announced w/ video. -


I decided to ignore the story completely and just be excited about the gameplay. That being said I can’t wait for this game.


This abomination doesn’t even need its own thread, really.

Fuck you Ninja Theory, go away.


Team Dante up in here tho


I could understand if they’re reimagining/remodeling a game from many, many years ago, but DMC isn’t that old. It doesn’t need a reboot. Let’s reboot God of War, Metal Gear Solid, and Halo while we’re at it.


Its the reflective Karma from MvC3 not only existing, bu having Dante…

  • :bluu:


I’m not trying to be a dick here, I’m really not, but…

You’re excited about the gameplay…from the dudes that made…Heavenly Sword??

Um…would someone get me when Bayonetta 2 is announced?


Why a reboot? And, I’m nowhere near the biggest fan of Heavenly Sword…at all. I’ll reserve my gameplay comments until I see actual footage of gameplay, but um…this was unnecessary. Changing Dante into this shit makes no sense either. Just use a different character…

Small nitpick, but why another fucking axe. Dante’s inferno already had that…oh…har har. NT.

This shit can be hit or miss. I still crown the original DMC king and that bar hasn’t really been surpassed by a large amount of games. We’ll see. Can’t be any worse than DMC4 was.


True… lol


Yeah. Yeah I am. Heavenly sword was what? 4 years ago? And I’m pretty sure considering the crap they got for that game they know better now. Plus didn’t the dude from capcom said it was going to remain a truly DMC game?
At this point we’re all hating/excited based on suppositions. We have no fucking clue what it’s going to turn up as so we can either shut it down or keep our minds opened. I prefer the latter.


Honestly, design-wise this “Dante” reminds me of what GRIN did to “Nathan Spencer” in the horrid 3D Bionic Commando.


I hope M. Night helps with this game, we need a plot twist at the end saying something like “Oh this was all just a dream of Dantes”


You haven’t played DMC2, have you?

I haven’t seen the trailer yet (I’ll watch it when I get home from work), but the screenshots already have me less than thrilled. Dante was fine the way he was. This just screams of the Bionic Commando treatment. Admittedly, I enjoyed the new BC, but not for its story and main character. DMC is fun because Dante is this silly, over the top guy, not because he’s a grim and gritty badass.


At this point M. Night would be a godsend, because then “the twist” can be that this game never gets released.

I’m going to bed. :rofl:


The hell?! was the first thing that comes to mind, no need for a reboot this soon. It isn’t even like Devil May Cry skipped a console generation


I’m having a hard time accepting this change.

Ninja Theory still haven’t proven themselves imo.

They may be able to capture Dante’s personality but this new look is unwelcome. Is this what Capcom imagines westerners think is ‘manly’ and ‘cool’.

eh, I’ll probably buy it anyway…like I always do…even DMC 2


Ninja Theory not Team Ninja. If Team Ninja were behind this we might actually have something cool to look forward to.


I honestly would not want Team Ninja’s frustrating shit in DMC. Capcom so far had a good idea of what increasing difficulty is and I don’t feel like having the fucking crows in the first level kick my ass. My personal opinion though.


Fuck Ninja Theory? It’s Capcom who chose them.

Sadly I see all three of those happening. But which one will do it first…hmmm.

Basically. I guess Capcom’s designers realized that they couldn’t top what their old boys at Platinum games cranked out and decided to just start from scratch. With Ninja Theory.

It wasn’t horrid but yeah Nathan was lame in that game. Luckily you could use his Rearmed model and all became right with the world again.

Yeah the new BC should be tried by all. The swinging is done really really well and the hit and run style gameplay that comes out of that is rather exciting. Plus the soundtrack is beautiful.

Anyway, DmC looks like Fight Club, which looks like stupid. I’m not going to hate on Ninja Theory. It’s not their faults that Capcom pussed out on making a proper DMC5. It’s not even like the last game didn’t sell well or anything. And you do a reboot after putting regular Dante in the new MvC3? That’s like rebooting Okami so that Ammy is a werewolf or some shit.

This just has me smh.


Uh what’s this shit about Bayonetta? I would’ve bought this game despite every god-awful thing else. Change the title to ‘Heavenly Sword’ so we can shit on this game appropriately.

Watched the trailer… I think the visuals got a much-needed upgrade (DMC4, nice as it looked, resembled a PS2 game with more polys and HD)… not sure about the setting, obviously not feeling the character redesign. Knowing Ninja Theory, at least the cutscenes will be well-done… but uggh.