Devil Trigger Vs Swords..?

I just wanna know ur toughts on… When is better to choose DT over swords… Swords r not always the answer so plz let me know what u guys thing it would be really helpful…!!

When you’re playing online and you have XF3<div>The damage/speed boost multiplies over the xfactor values, so the total damage/speed increase is about 200%</div><div>The amount of crazy shit you can do with that is too damn high. You can relaunch with high time. You can confirm rapid slash without meter. Twice. In a single combo. The possibilities are endless.</div>

It really depends. If you’re going on the offensive, that is, you’ve gotten in and you wanna stay in - DT is great for this. whiff cancel shit into judgement cuts for +9000 frame advantage into mixups, adf air H to name a few. If you want to get in, Spiral Swords is very good. Ignores any projectiles, the only thing bad about SS is if you activate it without putting your opponent into block stun, numerous amounts of supers can punish you on reaction (BIONIC ARRRM, Chaotic Flame, Spell of Vishanti etc). And in XFC3, you can just do anything you want. I personally like to DT and activate Blistering Swords and go HAM if I have Vergil as anchor.

Hope that helps