Devil's Child

The Devil’s Child

Old story I made up back in the 12th grade. It talks about a fictional story on Sakura and her opposite Dark Sakura. I have nothing better to do at the moment, so I’m writing again I suppose…

[FONT=Impact]Chapter 1: Silhouette Dreams

The struggling forces between light and dark shall forever intertwine. Emotion? Guilt? Confusion? Unknown causes lead to unknown questions, but she searched to find the answers. She was Sakura, Street Fighters proudest fighter. But there was nothing to be proud about being so young and mistaken: Sakura is just another small girl who is powerless to the other challenges in the world - the voices clouded her mind. But they were just merely different voices in which Sakura refused to listen to. Because it matters not to whose voice it actually was, or if they were even voices to begin with. Maybe it was Sakura’s own mind, telling her she could further advance her strange powers even more - but how would that come to reality?

Although Sakura had trained her powers to mimic ryu’s, nothing was sadder than admitting the truth: They were not invincible. Her training lead her to believe that mimicking someone else’s moves would not pride her as a skilled combatant, but as a fraud. She trained harder everyday totally forgetting life as a small girl. There were no time for school and books, no time for jump ropes, no time for nothing but her intense training in acknowledging that she could further advance her powers.

Eventually, she would push herself to exhaustion, and fall asleep depressed. When the mind is force to think in such of a transition, a dream usually occurs and it was no different for Sakura. Some dreams are frightening, others complicated, and some just plain weird. For Sakura, it felt real. Her dreams consisted of dark figures in which she named the Silhouette. She defined them a dark presence that brought out lashing figures in which they were like shadows - having no true color or essence.
Forms that could look like her rivals such as Karin, and other street fighters - but what did it all mean?

Although they toyed and battled with her mind, she would eventually wake up feeling more powerful than before. But it wasn’t a mutual feeling; she had known that because of the feeling she’d had, she behaved differently. Her powers were advancing beyond her noticing, but it felt like something was being sacrificed in this progress. Her powers got fearsome day after day, sometimes in which she could not control. She soon realized that it did not matter; facing this force head on in contingent was more of an importance.

“What is becoming of me?” - Sakura replied

But was it the Silhouette’s doing? The reason why she felt different day after day after intense training and sleep? She searched for the answers, but maybe the answers were coming to her…

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Chapter 2 - Lost Memories

Focusing her fondly power, Sakura had not realized that her skin color mysteriously changed. Although it frightened her, she believed it was a setback from her training. Hadn’t figuring it was a serious problem, she continued training her might. The long dwelling periods of time lapsed; Sakura was as powerful as she’d ever been. But that did not convince Sakura that she’d accomplished her goals, she was so obsessed with gaining and manipulating power, she’d forgotten everything she was previously taught. Will, patience, personality, everything.

She only wanted power, and more of it. By this time, her skin tone changed completely. Her own shadow of reflection disappeared as well, but strangely, reappeared right before her very eyes. But was this some kind of magic? Or was it for real? A dream, maybe??? This was no dream, it was the Silhouette. But Ironically, it wasn’t toying nor battling with her mind as usual. It actually communicated with her saying that she’d accepted its existence. When Sakura asked why, it responded by pointing to her.

Sakura realized what was going on. Because of failing to rid the Silhouette from her mind, it had changed her completely. Into something she’d rather not be: Dark Sakura. She’d forgotten her memories about her past, as a matter of fact; the Silhouette shadow was merely an image of Sakura before she underwent her transformations. The shadow like form would never harm anyone in spite, because it was Sakura’s own essence of life, hope, and will. What’s left of Sakura now is this dark enigma of the Silhouette, the Devil’s Child: Dark Sakura.

With the power of the dark at her fingertips, and having no real conscious of her actions now, she sought out to seek and destroy the ones that stood in her way - The Street Fighters.

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Chapter 3 - Blind Destruction

Ryu had sense it, so he didn’t needed to be told how countless Street Fighters had mysteriously fallen. Some just disappeared, others were just brutally attacked. Ryu knew that his time was coming - the cold bitter air that surrounded him, the changes in the wind drastically, the attacker would eventually seek and destroy him. Ryu knew that the Street Fighters prided themselves via fighting style, so it was strange that the attacker could defeat so many Street Fighters all in one time. Street Fighters like Dhalsim, Honda, and several others.

It was because of this knowledge in which Ryu was lead to believe that the Street Fighters of the world were getting blindsided, attacked without warning and cowardly. He also sensed a dark presence running about, someone of could manipulate dark ki, and the shadows were destroying the Street Fighters. But all knowing Ryu’s attitude, he wouldn’t stand for these actions and would want to challenge this foe in a bout of testimony, skill, and determination. To find this individual, ryu set about…

He must first discover this person’s desire, he knew that Bison or Gouki wanted that same passion - “To destroy all those who stood in their way, numbingly the Street Fighters” fitted the attackers description. But was it Bison or Gouki? Next was to unveil the Ki power of these individuals. Bison had this driven madness, hate, and destruction type Psycho Ki and Gouki’s Ki was very malice, shadow-like, evil. Ryu thought to believe that Gouki was the person running about attacking the Street Fighters because both the attackers and Gouki’s Ki matched in similar ways.

Not to say that Bison was any different extremely, but it didn’t focus really on the attackers objective like Gouki’s did. So expecting an attack from Gouki, Ryu stayed more focus of his awareness. There was never a moment where he was unaware, preoccupied. Every moment was so precise, he’d known the moment he’d dropped his guard Gouki would preempt him with an attack. Days and days passed, their was no sign of Gouki anywhere around. It just so happen that another victim named Dan Hibiki was brutally assaulted via reports, Gouki still wasn’t towards Ryu’s’ presence at all - Ryu was getting impatient.

He wanted to search for Gouki, but that was impossible. He would find you, not you would find him. And if he’d challenge Gouki, he might not survive the bout since he was and proved to be a skillful opposition: “The Master of the Fist”. It would take Ryu’s all to defeat him, but even that may not be enough. Gouki did not frighten Ryu anyway, but he couldn’t help the fact that he was a sitting duck.

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Chapter 4 - The Masters Challenge!

Only a few warriors would cross Sanity’s Path. It was a passage that would cut into a long, daring evil forest that would drive its wonders insane do to its uncertain routes. Some would get lost never finding their way out, others died by starvation. And then, there were just some who totally lost it and were driven to madness, killing them in a rather unique process. Ken Masters, Street Fighters optimist, would not be intimidated so easy.

As the proud warrior he was and successful in many long time battles, crossing this path would only test his training in the long run. So, he did just that - ignoring the stories and bragging from other people. Ken would journey through the path of sanity, and walked into one path of the forest as he came across three others. Ken’s theory: “That the forest were “alive” and trying to confuse him” did not halt his decision-making. Ken believed that if he were to trust his judgments and training, he would choose the right path in which to take.

Because one wrong decision made by Ken would of wound up becoming an eternal lapse of regrets, Ken relied on his training and took one of the three paths. He then came to six paths, and took one of the six pathways on judgment and focusing. He then would come to nine paths. As you can notice, the paths doubled every time. Ken however, believed that since the test of decision-making were getting extremely difficult, and then he must have been making the correct decisions based on the previous paths that he took. Or was he?

Ken didn’t know, actually, not too many people knew or gotten that far. Ken would choose a path of nine through a seemingly impossible challenge. As Ken traversed through the path that he took, Gen had already assaulted him with the Zanei tech/skill, a fearless move. Ken’s awareness was just too focused to become victim of such of move. Dodging the move entirely, Ken was more into why somebody had attacked him without motive. He confronted the weird old man…

“Your cowardly assault failed old man. Why have you taken such measures to gain my attention?” - Ken

“What? Your not her…” - Gen

Ken, taking a more noticing of the old man’s appearance, had figured out whom he actually was.

“You. Your Gen, arent you? I heard stories from Ryu about you and your desires.” - Ken

“If your here to challenge me, a shall not back down.” - Ken

“Though I’m surprised of your previous action of coward ness. Attacking a warrior while his back is turned, meh…” - Ken

Gen responded.

“You are very skilled, only few to dodge the Zanei! However, that move was designated for someone else’s suffering!” - Gen

“Hmmm?” - Ken

“That’s right, individual. I am searching for the one child of demise.” - Gen

“Child of demise?” - Ken

"The one they recently called the “Devil’s Child” " - Gen

“Devil’s Child?” - Ken

“You know so little and yet you question my motives.” - Gen

Ken began to wonder about his curiosity…

"I sense your confusion, so you don’t really know about the Street Fighter markings? How many Street Fighters have already fallen victim by the hands of this “Devil’s Child?” " - Gen

"No. Until now. " - Ken

“For shame, I suspect more cognizance from an individual of your caliber. What if I were this “Devil’s Child”? You would probably be dead by now…” - Gen

“It’s not Gouki this time, I shall find this “child” and kill her…” - Gen

"What? Hey, you said that this person is just a child right? Then how - " - Ken

Ken was interrupted by Gen.

" Follow that path in which it will take you out of the Sanity Forest…" - Gen
"Be aware, she will strike soon and silently…" - Gen

As Gen began to walk off, he said something to Ken in which outdone the entire conversation.

“And you could be next.” - Gen

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Pretty short chapters. It seems interesting though. Keep it up.

Chapter 5 - End of Days, part 1

Gen was intrigue by this Devil’s Child because he and her had the same passion: “To kill or to be killed.” But sadly, Gen, for the first time in his many long years, felt challenged by her. The mere child had accomplished task that would have took him months or even years to do. Gen’s life Spam wasn’t prolong, so maybe killing the Devil’s Child gone totally mad would become the perfect death match he’d had searched for. He knew that Gouki and the Devil’s Child had similar ki, so he really wanted to kill them both and add them to his killing record of selfless victories.

Gen thought no more, the time of thinking had past. Action and malice were at a bigger hand Gen would want to be apart of. He searched for this Devil’s Child after leaving the Sanity’s Forest, leaving Ken behind. Days and Days past, and although Gen would find trails of her, she didn’t appear before him. But Gen was no fool, a wise man he was. He already figured it out: She already found him, the trails she left behind in which Gen would take notice of was simply an diversion to gain his attention and lead him to an unknown location. Despite this vast knowledge, it was the perfect chance to kill her when she decided to confront him…

So he played her game of “Cat and Mouse”. She’d had to show herself eventually, and then would perish by Gen’s Zanei when she did. Night approached, the sun had set away from the horizon. The trails of the Devil’s Child had stopped as the night engulfed everything. She was close, very, very close… Gen was not afraid of the darkness she somehow controlled with her ki, but he came quite the impatient one.

“Oh why don’t you show yourself instead of wasting both of our time…” - Gen

“It makes killing you that easier…” - Gen

“Because we will all die anyway. The question is when, why, and how painfully” - Gen

Gen stood patiently as if nothing were going on. Eventually, something with red-devilish eyes came out and finally confronted him.

“So, you decide to show yourself after all. Are you ready to die by the hands of mine?” - Gen

She responded

“Foolish mere mortal, your death wish will result in a thousand screams in your after life. — Those voices, I can hear them! The cries of torture beyond your imagination and comprehension, your death will be as painful as the rest” - Devil’s Child

“The Silhouette will destroy the Street Fighters, every single one of them will eventually die. — They cannot change their paths that they choose, only death is certain in every Street Fighter of today.” - Devil’s Child

“Amusing you stands there asking to die under certain measures. The Silhouette will be proud to kill you. — I will be proud to kill you! — I will be proud to kill or brutally assault another Street Fighter.” - Devil’s Child

“Because I am the darkness, I am the Dark Sakura! The mortals who refer to me now as the Devil’s Child!” - Dark Sakura

She stroke multiple times at Gen, and although she failed to land a single blow, Gen had already counterattacked with the Zanei. Her ki ability allowed her to somehow teleport and do that often, so Gen’s attack failed to connect as well. Gen could not see where she was anymore, but he knew she was still around.

“For all your babbling you failed to strike me down…” - Gen

“How very shameful…” - Gen

Gen was hella confident. Dark Sakura wanted to kill him so badly, it started to rain blood.

“Angry aren’t we? Your no different from Gouki…” Gen

“Which leads me into my conclusion: you are both so very similar, so I have to re-think who should I kill first… You or him” - Gen

They fought some more, but none were successful in connecting an attack. It was like they knew each others moves entirely; it was quite amusing to both. After this Gen spoke out…

“Leave me to my thoughts. I can’t kill you yet and you can kill me yet. Our times just isn’t now…” - Gen

Dark Sakura replied back.

“Perhaps, but know this Street Fighter: You are going to die. I shall return to kill you, and end your miserable life! — Every single Street Fighter will die! — It’s in your fate, it’s in our fates.” - Dark Sakura

Before Gen knew it, she was gone. The rain turned back into normal water, and there Gen sat. Alone with his thoughts in mind to what he’d had gained at the end of the day.

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Chapter 6 - The Perfect Weapon

It didn’t take long for Bison to figure this situation about the “Devil’s Child”. The man was nearly driven on madness with his psycho power so his insanity did not foreshadow another key objective of his: Perfecting the Psycho Drive. But just what is this Psycho Drive? And what did Bison’s thoughts mean by “perfecting” it? Actually, the Psycho Drive tended to be a key source to Bison’s powers. It was no surprise that the machine needed energy and supplement to keep it operational.

It was the perfect weapon, creating forms of life via Psycho Energy and re-enhancing that energy to control or destroy. The creations Cammy, Juli, and Juni were some of the first to be tested on Psycho Energy, the results were not up to par the way Bison had planned. The true components of these warriors came directly from the Psycho Drive, and not entirely Bison’s own state. Since the drive would run out of energy of vanquished warriors, the creations from that very same project fell into confusion (this being Cammy, Juli, and Juni…) and they teemed to not follow given task at hand…

Mission’s weren’t completed, sign’s of incompetence became very clear, and other aspects weren’t fulfilled. Bison’s outlook of a plan to perfect the Psycho Drive was in danger; the drive needed more pure energy so that Bison could control his creations. The Shadaloo Army heavily depended on it, so the plan was clear for Bison: Capture the finest warriors of the land; use his/her energy to completely power the Psycho Drive.

This goes all the way back to what Bison had discovered about the Devil’s Child. She had already defeated countless Street Fighters all in a matter of time. It was the perfect plan to perfect the perfect weapon: Capture the Devil’s Child, use his/her energy to completely power the Psycho Drive, then create more Cammy’s, Juni’s, and Juli’s in attempts world domination! Bison smiled when the plan came all-together, he knew it could not fail especially defeating this “child”.

Bison could not depend on his three creations to capture the Devil’s Child; it was a matter for his own self-doing. If he were to send them, they would probably fail and be defeated - all three of them. Bison knew that the Devil’s Child had already defeated so many Street Fighters, so she/he shouldn’t be taken so likely. But he would think to believe that he/she was no match against the Psycho Power. Power into which proved fearless, insane, and powerful - Bison set out on his own to defeat and capture the Devil’s Child.

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Just got done editing everything (Fonts/Spelling/etc.) on the story.

The Bushin Trap chapter should be up very soon. I may even post a story outlook and FAQ. ( FAQ now posted )

Short little FAQ

Q: What is (a) Silhouette?
A: By definition, anything that consist of a dark shape against a light background. It is that reasoning that (a) silhouette can take the form of anything that has a compression with light and darkness.

Q: What is this story about?
A: Sakura and her other “Dark Sakura”. Although Dark Sakura hasn’t been making any frequent appearances (Marvel vs. games mostly, yawn… :yawn:) the presence does quite exsist in the regular Sakura we all know.

Q: Why do you call her “Devil’s Child” via Dark Sakura? Why is the title named that anyways?
A: The true evilness of Sakura is brought out by Dark Sakura. Although if that is true or not entirely true, she is still just a mere “child” and not fully experience to adulthood. Her curiousity about Street Fighter/Life/Etc. invokes that of which of a childlike nature since that is what/who she is, and this Dark Sakura mentioned above contradicts that curiousity whatever that may be into “devilish” ways. As for the title, it is simply to appeal to readers thinking “WTF is this? Maybe I should check this out…” I am looking for more views than replies, but the replies are always welcome!

Q: What’s with Dark Sakura’s thing with the Street Fighters?
A: Sakura loves Street Fighter more than anything in the world. Her opposite wants to take that all away, but it was Sakura who wanted to become more powerful as a Street Fighter in my fic, just not by this reasoning of becoming Dark Sakura. I dunno, maybe because Dark Sakura is full of ANGST, EVIL, SORROW, CHA-!^#$%#%#$! that she wants to take away Sakura’s own dreams. The silhouette also had something to do with it in my fic…

Q:You love to distinguish bewteen US and Japan SF names do you?
A: Yeah, you could tell because I never call “Gouki” Akuma in this fic(Gouki, the name of Akuma in Japan. And Akuma, the US name). But I do in fact call Bison (or M.Bison, the US name), Bison. I never call him Vega (the japan name). Don’t let your confusion get the best of you, it is only a preference by me (I like some names better than others!)

Q:Speaking of SF characters, who else is going to “jump in”?
A: I make it up as I go, I try to key in individuals tier/rival/friendship/etc to other key individuals. For the next chapter “Bushin Trap”, I might introduce Maki since the GBA version of SFA3 has her dialogue about “becoming better a successor to the bushin fighting style than Guy.” Funny since she was on Final Fight or somethin’ like that, but then I would have to mention Cody and well, you get the idea…

I should add more to the FAQ as the story becomes more in progression.

Chapter 7 - The Bushin Trap

In a time where evil ran among the world, the Bushin predecessors would rise amongst themselves with some of the finest warriors of the land. These warriors traveled secretly, silently, cautiously, they were true ninja like. But were these types of warriors for the good, or evil? It did not matter to the one they called Guy, he was so eager to prove to himself of his worthy tradition of Bushin combat. The Bushin style he had devoted his life to, he had trained under its style of speed, precision, timely attacks, and so forth. He truly believed that this style of combat must be tested against the strongest warriors of the land to prove its effectiveness, not just for the good nor evil, but for the true way of the shadow of the Bushin to make its name known throughout the centuries...

Bushin expert rival named Maki had her sights on Guy; the beloved famed one of true Bushin combat. She felt as if she wasnt getting the true respect she had thought shed earned out of Master Zekus presence. Master Zeku, one was the best Bushin fighters since the ages of time, and always had words of wisdom. Both Guy and Maki would love to earn Master Zekus respects and teachings, but seemingly, Maki believed Master Zeku favored Guy more of his teachings than that of herself. Was it because she was inferior to Guy by some way? She didnt know nor cared, she only wanted prove to herself and Master Zeku that she was the legitimate successor of the Bushin style of combat. It was what the term rivals truly meant, and Maki had no intention of disappointing her and others.

With the Devils Child amongst the Street Fighters, both Maki and Guy would eventually learn of this mysterious person. She was quite the powerful one; she had fully developed her shadow ki to destroy even the best of Street Fighter opposition. She was some sort of a threat to the world, and when that happens, the shadow of the Bushin would rise! Actually, the true words spoken by Master Zeku himself were that when the world became threatened, the shadow of the Bushin would rise unknowingly. Following those words from Master Zeku, Guy and Maki would rise from the shadows yet again to challenge an unknown foe whose power exceeds far beyond expectations. It was the true way to test the Bushin style of combat and the individuals who trained under the style itself.

Coincidentally, it just so happen that Guy and Maki was after the same person in their sights - The Devils Child. Both must of known that this fighter would be perfect to test against the style of Bushin and both were confident that they would succeed where others have failed. They began to search and find the Devils Child in hopes that one would find the child first before the other did, not particularly in Guys case since he didnt care in any event, but Makis had different aspects into which beating Guy to the chase. As true Bushin warriors do, they traveled at constant speeds. The wind blowing in their face - the sound quick as the wind itself. The Devils Child attacks without warning, or so they knew, and both had a plan to where they would trap the child at her own humorous/dangerous game. Guy and Maki were on the run, both thinking of ways to of preempting the Devils Child before she would do they same to them.

The Devils Child, better known as Dark Sakura, had already had a confrontation with Gen but as to the time in which both of those warriors were equally skilled during that confrontation, the Devils Child let him be as per agreement. She needed to further advance her ki before she could take on Gen again, and kill him with no expenses or in Gens case retire him/me. In that seemingly respectful cause, she set out to defeat more Street Fighters as to her desire to build on her shadow ki even more. Her travels brought her to a distant land of mythical trees surrounding her, something in which holy shines the trees to give them such a mythical look.

But of course, the dark and light were opposing forces. So the Devils Child did not take the place so glamorous as the scenery actually was. In about to attempt to destroy the place itself and its holy justifications, someone spoke out to her...

Evilness has really consumed your very soul, correct? You find absolute destruction the only perfection possible, I would like to test that sense of destruction against my very own Bushin of combat! - ???

Who speaks? - Devils Child

It matters not, I have finally found you, that is all you need to know. I am one with that of the Bushin, and I shall be the one who defeats you! - ???

You will die trying, and your soul shall forever be tortured… - Devils Child

Likewise… - ???

Then show yourself, and let one of us die right now. One of us is going to die by the other, I will guarantee that to be you… - Devils Child

As you wish… - ???

A warrior of the Bushin then jumps out of the shadows and confronts the Devils Child. But is it Guy or Maki? Which Bushin warrior has reached her first?

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