(Devil's Due)November Solicitations


Check it out if u want. Personally I might check out Studio Ice’s MU and definitly buy Darkstalkers :tup:

Damn! Cammy is about to pop some caps!

Man, Mads cover is weak. What a waste of a Foil.

when does army of darkness issue 2 and 3 come out?I like the first cover of street fighter with all the bad guys.It looks hot.

I agree with you time-stop that cover does look really weak for something done by Joe Mad. It looks like he wasn’t really into it and just wipped it off. And that delta red cover kinda bugs me too, I dunno it’s something about their faces… they look well, kinda ugly to be honest. But the other two covers are pretty awsome.

The delta red cover is a bit different but I like the style. The Rose foil is ridiculously awesome. I want. COuld she be making more appearance in story?

The cover is by Ardian Alphona(Runaways). So the backup story will feature his art, and it’s about Delta Red. Issue 11 will have the Cammy/Rose back up drawn by Josh Middleton. (which looks kick ass, btw)

Edit: had my wires crossed for a second.

HA! HA! Balrog(Ninja) will crash Ken’s Wedding! Same thing happened in a Hong Kong SF Comic. Classic! I hope Udon can do a lot better than having Ken permanently scar Balrog’s Face with a two fingered Shoryuken like those strange Hong Kong Comic Book artist did… (SF3 New Generation HK Comic Series.) Oh yeah, in the same series, Gill later kills Balrog, oooh… well, lots of SF2 people die in that series…

That street fighter 3 hong kong comic sounds extremely wack. Where can i find pictures of it?

I wouldn’t know. Check your PMs. I responded to your Private Message.

Man the second cover by Ice studios is kinda awesome. That Mu cover.