Devil's Due Publishing

i’m particularly intrigued about the Spooks: Omega Team title. #1 just came out in Sep. and of course, i can find it anywhere.

by chance, anyone pick that one up. also, anyone read the Spooks mini that came out before it? is it worth reading?

Looking forward to Devil Due’s Bionic Commando and Lost Planet comics. Hopefully they are better than their Killer 7 comic that I wasn’t too crazy about.

Sucks that they lost the G.I. Joe license (even though they did kind of mess it up, their very last issue was a good ending for the series though) to IDW and what’s even worse, IDW is rebooting the franchise doing away with the 25 + year continuity that started with Marvel. But at the very least, IDW will continue releasing the Marvel G.I. Joe TPBs that left off after Serpentor showed up.

aye. i am glad they acquired the Zen: Intergalactic Ninja franchise. it won’t quite fill that gaping hole left after G.I. Joe…but it’s got that cult quality to it to garner some attention to the company.

to be honest, i haven’t followed the G.I. Joe series at DDP. i guess i was too caught up with the “big two.”

i actually caught wind of Spooks through Previews…and i’ll forever be a fan of the whole government agency vs. supernatural premise. not to mention, it’ll be nice supporting a local product.