Devils vs. Bruins 1/4/12 Extra Ticket (MA/RI/NY/NJ members)


Heres the deal. I have an extra ticket to tomorrow night’s game vs the devils. I don’t want the ticket to go unused since a family member who works for the devils will be leaving two team seat tickets at willcall and I’m only going to be using 1 of them. My grandfather is a big fan of hockey so we’re doing this as a treat for him (he grew up coaching etc) and my father bought tickets to the game already.

We’re going out to dinner before hand and after the game we’re getting a tour of the arena and possibly meeting some of the players on the devils. During the game we’ll be sitting in great seats (we’ll be sitting together)

This will cost you NOTHING to go other than gas to the arena if you are in the ny/nj area or gas to my house in rhode island if you are from the boston area as well as food/drink at the game. If you are going to do the latter you must be here by 1pm as we’re leaving for jersey then and will be returning late that evening. If you are driving with us dinner will also be complimentary (my family WON’T let you pay, but offer still… manners)

Serious inquiries only. Please be an actual hockey fan (though i’m not) and know you actually appreciate the hospitality shown by my family.

I couldn’t find the NHL thread and didn’t want to search/necro it for this one thing.

Post here first and then PM me your name and phone number if you are interested.