Devry tourney results

1st. Bryan “papa dapa” Papa
2nd. josh “gangsta gangsta” Magno
3rd. Ace “taijity” Vallega
4th. Hang “alfred(m)” Zizzle
5th Harry “h to the izzo, p to the izza” Potter
5th. David “oh my fucking god~” lee
7th. bill “billiam/fucken monster” welmen
7th. Joe "wolverine guy"Zaza
9th. jose “dasrik” lawhateva
9th. joe “joey” talllim

there were a total of i thik of 32+
i need to look at the brackets

highlights: bryan only lost two matches the entire tourney
he beat potter and david lee
alfred…err…i mean hang… lost to josh

it was a fun tourney

what is this crazy concocktion?

super fun tourney it was

I made out like Dhalsim and played that shit long distance. Once again I am known as the crazy white kid.

highlights: potter promise to let dasrik have his way with him if he let him win, which dasrik agree and did. Later on, potter claims that he will never eat meat again, cause he seen too much ‘meat’ that same night…

bryan picked abyss and run away the whole game…too good…

Devry tourney

are u guys talking about devry the university? which one? i go to west hills devry…and i was the one who won our lil third strike tourney…which one is this devry? long beach? pomona?:confused:


it’s only funny cause talk like this in person…isn’t it ran? idiot…